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what time do you start?

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what time do you all start in the morning? i have started at 7:00 before and one time 6:30. the grass is pretty wet but it still cuts. just wondering if you all had a set time or just when you felt it was time to cut grass.
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It all depends on where I am cutting. If I am going to start at a residential area I do not start before 0800 but if it is a commercial property then anything is fair game as long as they are closed.

7am always never had one complaint starting any later feels wierd......
we meet @ 7:30 to load up and by the time we get gas/mix/diesel we are usually cutting between 8:15 and 8:30

Later times on weekends, since we are 95% residental
we work from 12-1, with an hour off for lunch
my day: wake up at 7:30, brush teeth, scratch...o, i mean, have a cup of coffee, puablo shows up at 8:30, he loads equipment, while i have 2 more cups and read my email, gone at arouind 10 min to 9. usually back by 1:30 the latest. ive never cut grass as early as u guys, but someday i hope to.

what you wront makes no sense. One says you work for 1 hour the other says you work for 3.5 hrs.

How do you get your lawns done working 3 hour days?

He actualy said he doesn't work at all in the first post.........:D

Work 12 - 1 with a 1 hour lunch. Awe man..........what am I doing wrong?:mad: .................;)
True GLAN, i mis read that 1st post, yeah that lunch cancels out that 1 hour of work :rolleyes: :D
Leave the house at 8:45am. Usually get to the first job by 9:15am.
Earlier won't work for us.
I start loading around 8:30, at first job by 9 AM.
Here in Florida we start at 7:30 and try to be finished by 2:00. After 2:00 it's time to head for the swimming pool!
I don't start before 8:30, the grass clumps up , and its just too wet! The old ladies say" I think its too wet to cut the grass"
We head out at 6:30 and get home anywhere from 6.00 to 8:30
7:00 for commercial and 8:00 if residential.
8:00am - with help
5:00am - alone
excell, thats a long day, i commend you....

are you a solo opp or do you have guys, if you have workers, do they mind the 12hr+ days?
I give the times for starting a the customer location. Sometimes I am on the computer by 5:30 starting my day, at the shop by 6:30, then off to the customer.
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