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What time of morning to start?


LawnSite Senior Member
Just curious -- what time do others start in the morning? Any problems with complaints about noisy equipment?etc.

We leave the yard at 7am and are usually cutting by 7:05am or so mon thru fri. ,sat 8am. only had one complaint from neighbor of our customer in many years.

MN Wildwood

LawnSite Member
We usually leave at 8:00, mowing around 8:10. Everyone comes in around 7:45 checks their equipment, gets schedules, & loads. Often times there is a lot of dew on the ground, which is the reason for starting a little later.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Start at 9 am go to dennys and eat a good breakfast, drink 3 cups of coffee , get to first job by 11 or so , break for lunch at 12 , realize its too nice of a day to work , grab the fishing rod enjoy the sunshine . And then.................................the alarm goes off at 6 30 am , and the dream is over.