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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LDH, Mar 13, 2008.

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    As I told you guys earlier, I just passed my exams this morning and have talked to a few of my clients about getting them started on a fertilizer program. I don't have any experience in this area, ive only sprayed round-up here and there to eliminate trimming at some of my accounts out in the industrial park. Now im all legal and need some advice on what to buy, about how much it is, etc... I'm talking pre and post emergents here on Bermuda. Thanks guys.

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    When I first started I went to Lesco. They have the brains on Oklahoma grass. You can pick there mind for hours. But-- it's prime time right now and they wont give you any time, they are busy with sales. If it were winter you could go in there every day and spend 3 hours drinking coffee and learn more than you could in any school. The big drawback is they only give advice on the chemicals they sale not what's avaliable to you. And they are by far 50% or more higher than anyone else. Especially if they find out your a newby at this. But-----it's worth it! Once you get it figured out then find a dealer near you and get it all a bunch cheaper.
    Option #2 call devin Hayes at UAP in OKC. He is a sales person but he sprays (golf fairways on the side) and know's everything to cut corners and will tell you the minimum and max to use on a certain grass with a certain chemical at a certain time of year. He is cool and will drive an hour to have coffee with you and you can just take notes. BUT---remember he is a salesman and makes a living on what he sales. He really pushes micro's. The next time your in OKC you can PM me (you never answered my last pm) and come by. I will show you my set up and what I use.
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    . . . and after you're done testifying in front of the Varmint Commission (be truthful, you could be indicted if you lie), check your local county extension service for their basic recommendations for the turf in your area.

    The Varmint Commission has given you two great places to start. Heed them. UAP is an excellent supplier.

    Understand the different N sources and their associated costs. Ask the Commission for their P and K recommendations for your soils. Are they necessary?

    Again, be truthful! This is serious stuff, and now that you've got your license, you're under oath!
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    Hey get your chemicals from estes they are cheap and real helpfull there is STORE IN ENIND
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    We get all of our chem from estes here in enid, and are now looking at buy our bulk fert from them as well. They are extremely helpful, and will tell you the truth. They don't just try to make a sell. If you like, I could introduce you to them next time your in the area. Once you get on their "good" side they will work with you. They are also open on Sat. until noon.

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    Estes is an excellent supplier also.
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    I'ld be real careful setting up your programs based on what the local extension service recommends. It might be a good start but nothing to go by. Ours here says SOD only. Sept. Oct. and Dec. Three ferts of 10-10-10 and your good. Yeah right. What about spring pre-em's and lime and seed? Many things to learn. Do a soil test. Go from there IMO.
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    Thanks a ton fellas. Keep the replies coming. So I need to go to one of the places you guys named and just say "hey, I just got my license and need to spray for the weeds, not hurt the bermuda, and also give it a jump start, etc..." and they will tell me what chemical I need to buy??
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    Another question....I have a 25 gallon PK sprayer with the little electric pump that has the aligator clamps that clip onto the battery. What can I do with this sprayer? I've been using it (last year) to spray round up with. It has a gauge (up to 60psi reading) and about 30' of 3/8" air hose connected to a wand like the kind you use at the car wash. No agitator. Is this capable of doing any type of pre or post emergents or anything else? Or should I just keep it on the back burner for round up use? I'm going to buy a new 200 gallon skid for my Dodge, but it'll be a month or so before I do.
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