what to buy for this season?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikeklein, Dec 14, 2001.

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    Just finished my first season cutting.My main advertising was fliers in March.Recieved 2 customer thru referral.Did a couple for a real estate agent.Right now Im just using a 22" mower,john deere weedeater and homelite blower.This list may not seem impressive,but I made more money than I thought I would.I still work a regular full time job,but hope to be doing lawns full time this upcoming season.I am planning on buying a commercial mower this season.Most guys in my area use Exmark and Gravely.I will probably go with a Gravely ZTR(25hp diesel w/61"cut).I was wondering if any of you guys ever used compact tractors for mowing.I looked at a New Holland 20p. diesel hydrostatic with a 72" mid mount mower.They are pricey,but seem to be very durable and probably last longer than the ZTR.BTW,first time posting,spent alot of time prior reading posts and using search function.This is the most informative site I have found.Probably be back often since it is winter.---Mike Klein
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    after many discussions on here, i think it came down that a ztr will mow circles around a tractor. youd be better off buying the ztr. you will be more productive, and they will last a really long time if you treat em good.
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    Mike in the long run the ZTR will be your favorite n most Productive piece of equipment ... the difference in price betweent the two will be returned to you within atleast 2 season .... if not the first ....just in labor savings .......Good Luck ;->
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    Good choice going with the Z, and Gravely has come a long way with them. Good machine for the money. You MAY want to do a little research on these machines though, as the Gravely runs 60" not 61" decks, (that''ll serve to your advantage, yuo'll finf) and the 25hp is a gas motor, not a diesel. The diesel is a 31, and is exTREMEly heavy and cumbersome. ;)

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    My opinion is that you should KEEP the full time job AND buy the best mower you can. Also make sure you can secure a decent truck now, because it will be easier to finance it while you are employed. Here is the plan: pay off your mowers and tools before you go out full time. Then you can turn a decent profit the first few years. You will discover thousands of dollars in expenses along the way. This is what I did. It was nice to have a 65% profit margin right from the get-go!

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