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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by DAZ982500, Jun 26, 2005.

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    Ihave been debating my next purchase, when to and what.I am pretty well equipped to perform most work except for a rider, which I do not have.Obivously most on this site are running Zeros for all the right reasons.Iam trying to decide if a good used riding mower will do the same thing as a Zero in the context of my situation.I have 5 lawns 3/4-1.5 acres which I currently cut with JD GS 30 36"wb.It ususally takes with trimming 1.25 hrs 60 bucks.The thing is I will be losing some of theses properties the homeowners will be selling.Anyway maybe someone can give there experiences thoughts on riders zero.tractor.With the season all ready on the role the least expensive would be tractor used 1800 vs new zero 5000.Bascially I need to justify the expense at this time all other lawns can be performed with equipment 15-40 minutes.Riders would not work with these other places.I have 31 lawns.Please comment expenses vs work,quality of cut etc. thanks Dave.

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