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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by VitoVella, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. VitoVella

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    Hello to all!!!!
    :help: My brother and I are wanting to start a small company. I am leaving a 12 year career with The Worlds Finest THE UNITED STATES MARINES. Cutting grass has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I am wanting to go to college and still have time for my family, and the children of a youth group I instruct. So we are only wanting about 15 to 20 accounts. I have deen reserching the different mowers, and they all seem about the same to me. Can I get some input from the pros as to which mower I should get?? And what size of trailer?? :confused: The money will be tight as to me leaving the Marines, so I dont want to waste it on crappy equipment.

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  2. EJK2352

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    Use the search feature. There has been a ton of discussion on this topic. :) ;) :) ED
  3. mike9497

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    exmark, ransomes bobcat and scag are good to start off with
    i would get a 48 inch hydro w/b for starters
    i would get a 16 foot open landscape trailer.
    i would also get at least a 3/4 ton pickup with a ez dumper bed insert.

    i started my company with a 3/4 ton f250 with a ez dumper bed insert.i also had a exmark metro 48 inch cut and a bobcat hydro 48 inch cut with a 16 foot trailer.during the first year i got a 10 hp blower and a 3 wheel exmark rider.had them for 3 seasons then i got 4 new mowers in 2001 all exmarks 2 w/b turf tracer hp 52 inch cut 1 32 inch exmark
    metro and 1 60 inch lazer Z
  4. sheppard

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    How much $$$ do you have to work with?

    If you buy really cheap stuff and only get a few accounts you are setting yourself and your customers up for a disappointment.

    Commercial or residential? Some commercial accounts want it done at certain times of the day or week.

    One word of warning...onnce you start it's addictive. Nothing like a freshly mown yard...oh, I forgot...picking up the check is even better.

  5. Shuter

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    One important factor is that you should have the work lined-up before making any considerable investments.
  6. LawnMowerMan2003

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    It all depends on your budget, but if you have no accounts yet, I would not reccomend getting a big expensive mower, untill you start your business and see if you even like it. When you first start there is no reason that you can't get buy with a 21" mower, unless you are doing huge lawns. And it doesn't have to be a $700 21" either. I have used a LawnBoy self-propelled, which is now $378 at Home Depot. It's a lightweight mower with a good engine. I would also reccomend a Snapper mower, they seem to be very well built, although in the $400 price range your engine may not last as long (Briggs and Stratton, most likely) but I would think it should get you through at least one season, and the self-propel seems to give very few problems. As far as the trimmers, I've been pretty satisified with Echo equipment. I used the Echo 26cc trimmer for years and hardly had any problems with it.
  7. Sundancekid74

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    I just recently started a landscaping company as of this year and purchased my equipment as cheaply as possible. I acquired thirty accounts by means of door to door advertising (door knockers) which cost just over $200.00 (company logo included). I paid $500.00 for a 36" Ransomes Bobcat and $600.00 for a 48" Scag. Both were belt driven and fairly reasonable. I purchased a 14' trailor for $400.00 and was on my way. I am now (one year later) upgrading my equipment to all Ransomes hydro walk bekind and hope to purchase a zero turn in the near future. All of this being used equipment purchases I find in my local classifieds ads. I also would recommend ebay. One thing is for certain: you will definetely need a 36" walk behind to get into gates and to mow culdasacs. As a new business owner, I wouldn't recommend buying accounts or new equipment. There is a lot to say for a guy who scrapes together a few bucks and over time upgrades and establishes a reputation based on his love for lawn care. Thanks.:hammerhead:
  8. Frue

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    12 ft trailor, 36 inch walk behind, and a 3/4 truck.....
  9. NC Greenscaper

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    Very Good Advice. Good Luck Devil Dog. Retired last year myself with 22. Do a good job and don't go and buy a lot of new equipment. Commercial belt drives will be fine. Don't be fooled into buying residential mowers from home depot. I dont' care who tells you it worked fine for them, it won't for you.


    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    You dont need a hydro walkbehind and a 3/4 ton truck if you are only going to be doing 20 yards. Get yourself a good 32" or 36" belt drive walkbehind (cubcadet commercial 32"s for $2199 are a steal) and a decent trimmer like a Echo SRM-210 and a backpack blower like a echo PB-610 is the best bang for the buck. For a trailer a single axle 5X10 is all you need. Dont waste your money getting a 16 footer when you arnt looking to expand much. If you have any questions just shoot me a PM.

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