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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by barefootlawns, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. barefootlawns

    barefootlawns LawnSite Member
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    i am fairly new to the business and was wondering what to buy to help with leaf removal
  2. twins_lawn_care

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    depending on the size of your properties, equipment may vary.
    You can go from bare minimum of a good rake, or step it up to a handheld blower, then back pack blower, to a push blower. The for disposal, go from regular yard waste bags, up to loading with tarps. This depends more on what you'll do with the leaves. Taking them away in your own truck, may want to go with the tarpp route, but if leaving for their disposal, depends on how their village will pick them up, if they need to be in bags or not.

    This post was very vague, as I have no idea what your budget is to starting out. basically, the bigger and better equipment you have, the less fatigue it will have on you physically to do the job.
  3. mastercare

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    IT all depends on the size and number of jobs you're doing. First few years I used backpack blowers, yard waste bags, and a couple rakes. We could leave the paper bags at the curb and they're picked up by the trash company.

    With more customers, you can used a leaf box (on a trailer, truck body, or stake truck. Haul it away on tarps to your truck.

    If you're really big, you'll end up needing push blowers (lil wonder) backpack blowers, tarps, rakes, and a debris loader that cuts it up and loads it to a trailer or truck.

    It's hard work starting out.,....becuase its hard to justify all that equipment. Better to start small, and work up.
  4. barefootlawns

    barefootlawns LawnSite Member
    Messages: 60

    i am starting out with about 10 yards and most arent very big just normal city lots i have a leaf box and rakes but wasnt sure about a push blower yet just wanted to know what your opinion was
  5. LCME

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    Many variables. This is my first year with leaf removal. If you have no equipment for leaf removal I would suggest a back pack blower 60cc minimum engine, rakes, yard waste bags, tarps. Good luck, LCME

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