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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RigidRake, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Hey...I have a customer who recently moved into a house that needs a lot of landscaping and lawn work....I cut his grass, but he wants me to do a lot of shrub and small tree removal in the front to make it more attractive...I have, so far, removed about seven hedges...a couple of evergreen trees, and have to remove around five rounded junipers, and a few other evergreens...I do this manually, pick ax, root saw, shovel, etc...hard work, but capable...how much do you think I should charge him for this? By the job, I know, and not by the hour, but need to know a round figure to tell him...he told me to go ahead and start the work...financially capable of paying..but want to give him a good deal...any advice would be appreciated..thanks
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    Difficult question. If you state a low price he still may talk you down as there is no agreement. If you state a higher price he may talk you down. Consider the hours and the effort. Would it be better to give up some out of a high price or a low price? I have a brother-in-law who protests price to everybody on everything no matter how fair it is, and he ain't the only one. He is close to being a millionaire.

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