what to charge for a 2 1/2 - 3 acre comm. Biz?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FiNaL, Jul 23, 2003.

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    HEy i got a question we went to this commercial business a Grainery to give a free est. the guy told us that it was about 2 acres of that or so but he really didn't know for sure we looked it over its mainly clear mowing there is only one sign and 2 flower beds to mow around and i think maybe one or 2 trees and some light poles. when we walked the lawn i would say it was a good 3 acres or 2 1/2 like i said before the guy really didn't know the size of the lot that needed mowed. and we bid it at $250 weekly for mowing. and also there is some rough ground to mow over like rocky in some parts so is $250 a good price? or is that way off? would $225 or $200 be good? what do you guys all think? The owners are supposed to call back if they don't call back with in like 3 days would it be good to call them back? or what do you guys all do? how long does it usually take for business to get back with you? sorry for the questions but i just want to make sure i do things right and i would really like to get this job.
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    Is there buildings to trim around? That could factor in the estimate as far as time spent at the sight. If not, sounds like you could bust it out pretty quick. $250 might be a little high. Invest in a measuring wheel. It takes the guesswork out of property size. I have found that a lot of industrial sights are'nt looking for someone to manicure the lawn, only to keep it below the knees. They may not want to pay a lot. Bottom line is you can't always give estimates according to the size of the property. All the little things that can tend to keep you there longer than expected are what you have to measure as accurately as possible.
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    Not knowing what the sight looks like

    $250 is not all that bad. But is it a true 3 acres of cutting? or does that include having to edge along paved areas and blow the paved areas?

    I don't know what your area would support price wise. Around me. I would bid at about $100 more.
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    No Trimming or Edging just Weekly Mowing that's it. most of it is wide open space that needs mowed. I have been trying to find land records on the site so i could know for sure how many acres we are talking about here but no luck. I would say from looking at it it is 2 1/2 full acres. so $250 mite be a little high? what about $200? or $225 would it be a good idea to call them back with the $200 bid if that is better? There is 3 buildings. the hard thing with this would be mowing over the gravel because there is this little space i guess used to be a drive way or something and it has rocks everywhere that is the main obstacle with this lawn other than that its pretty clear. When i first seen the site i was thinking $200 - $250
    WOuld $200 or $225 be better for this job for just weekly mowing and the main obstacle being rocks to mow over?
    thanks for the info guys Here in this part of ohio mowing Starts at $15 and up around these parts.

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