What to charge for driveway removal??

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by rppaving, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. alexschultz1

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    clearly we have a difference of opinions when it comes to "hassle" Placing an order for a dumpster, renting a machine, and picking up 2 guys is not a big deal in my book
  2. Drakeslayer

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    I have no idea on why there would be more than 2 guys at a tear out. One driving the skid and the truck driver. What would a second guy do for 4 hours?

    I think $2 a foot. All inclusive.
  3. alldayrj

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    Ingot asked to do 800 sf today and I told him 1500 if that helps you. 500 for a 200 yarder and me and a guy for a half day in the bobcat
  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    I have no idea if you really own a business.

    Small operations are not able to dispatch the 2nd person off to somewhere else. So even if the job is really a one person task - you still have to factor in the 2nd person, you can't just tell him/her to stay home, if you do that - they'll not get 40 hrs, if they don't get 40 hrs - he/she will quit.

    This is why people complain about not being able to find good help. Good help WANTS 40 hrs.

    With a small operation, if the 2nd guy/gal is just there playing in his/her phone for 4 hrs - then so be it.

  5. DVS Hardscaper

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    So much talk about dumpster rental.

    Ya know, we rent roll off dumpsters through out the year.

    And not all jobs are feasible for a roll off. Many times there IS NO PLACE to set a roll off. And if you fill it up, in the first hr, and you still have to take up more asphalt - you then have a day delay in waiting for the dumpster company to come out and swap cans.

    May not be the most practical way to skin this cat.

    We just finished a job today, if we were to use a roll off - there would be no where to put it. And I looked at another job today, same scenario - no where to drop a roll off.

    Also - wanna know the best way to rip out asphalt??? Use Pallet forks on a skid steer to get under the asphalt and lift it up.
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  6. TomG

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    Go rent a 5T mini excavator. Hire a Tri-Axle. Like zedo said should only be one load. Be done in a few hours. I ripped out 3500sf on Tuesday 3in thick. It was two loads in our Tri-Axle, took me 2 hrs to rip it out. By far the quickest way to do it unless you get a big machine... if you can operate an excavator.
  7. SVA_Concrete

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    I agree, We have a Deere 50D with a hydraulic thumb.

    with that thumb you can pull a driveway and only use a comealong to smooth it back out.

    I use a local guy to haul that has an older L9000 with a swing gate, it takes more time to haul the concrete than it does to load the truck. so we try to form it back up as we go. in that case we have 4-6 guys on the job.

    We can rip out a typical drive and have it poured back in the same day.

    then again we just did a mud slab for a fellow contractor to lay pavers on, prepped and poured from new construction virgin dirt 90 yards in 3 days.
  8. SVA_Concrete

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    The only time i use a roll off can is when the job has to be done by jackhammer and hand..... i.e. porch lid, or something around back with no access.

    then i will drop a can, 2 wheelbarrows, a jackhammer, and lets get to work.
  9. brycesepp

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    i charge $3.50 per ft to tear out and re-pour a driveway, but prices are crazy competitive around here... i usually finish the job with 1200-1500 bucks more in my pocket.
  10. Junior M

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    $3.50 to tear out and the $3.50 to repour? Or $3.50 for the whole job?
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