What to charge for fall cleanups?

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by NH Rockstar Gardens, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. NH Rockstar Gardens

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    I have a backpack blower- no mower, no leaf vac, and I am one man operation. I am just starting my business out so I hope down the road I will be able to invest in more efficient equipment.

    How should I bid my jobs? By the acre or by the hour? All debri will be removed on site.

    Anyone else a one man operation? What's your experience like doing fall cleanups alone?
  2. Cam15

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    Theirs no one way to do it, it all depends where your transporting them how far and how many leaves are on the ground. I do know that anything above half an acre sucks by your self. Those tarps get pretty when the leaves are wet.
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  3. BigJlittleC

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    I would focus on work you can handle with your current equipment. Knock out a few smaller yards and get some money to invest in better equipment.
  4. Joana Williams

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    We are the second year in business. We are a two man show.

    I can tell you right now, bagging leaves SUCKS!

    We just purchased a dump trailer. We are going to try tarping leaves or filling the green barrels and dumping it into the dump trailer.

    Next season we will have a leaf vac.

    We start at $200.00 and go up to $2,000.00. Depending on the size of the property and amount of leaves.

    I can say leaves are very very deceiving. When you dont think it looks like much. It can get very crazy very fast. And charge extra for being wet!!!!

    Our average ticket is $250.00-$400
    Location: Long Island, NY
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  5. OP
    NH Rockstar Gardens

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    How long does 1/2 acre typically take you?

    I'm going to try an offer a 3 visit package deal to minimize the work load of blowing out a yard that hasn't been touched until the end of the season.
  6. Joana Williams

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    1/2 Acre two guys. Bagging leaves. 2.5hrs based on one property we do with a lot of leaves.

    Just blowing them to the back of a property should take 1.5 hrs. If its all backyard and not much to the front. 1hr.
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  7. prezek

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    Any relationship with a bigger company? We do some bigger properties for a 2 man operation without much leaf equipment. He doesn’t need to worry about me stealing his customers due to the trust we have, and we service the same areas, so tightens our shi**y fall routes...leaves can become pretty miserable very quickly. I couldn’t imagine doing them alone.
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