What to charge for fertilizer per 1000sqft

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ozarklawns, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I am in Arkansas and currently do not offer a fertilizer treatment. I have found the product I want to use (dont ask because I cant tell). I have found that my costs for the product for what volume I can afford will be about $2.50/1000sqft. Can I make profit at this this buying rate and what should I charge to be competitive?
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    Very good information you directed me to. Sorry for the crappy post. My mother got an estimate from one of the BIG companies in my area for her yard and they were asking $8.40/1000 sf. I went on lawn site to try to get averages. Just wanting feedback.

    Fertilizer is a new beast to me. I did educate my self in college (BSBA Business Administration) and took turfgrass mgmt classes but have never had any experience other than theory when it comes to fert. I even got Sean Adams program off lawn site which has helped a lot.

    I have found an organic liquid product I am doing test plots on my property with this season and am planning on expanding my scope of service in 2012 pending the results I get. I suppose now a better question would be to ask about fertilizer equipment rigs and the time it takes that equipment to cover area rather than price per unit

    Given a finance degree I keep a pretty close eye on my dollars. I operate at $18/hr mowing with a 24.50/hr profit margin. I own my mowing equipment and very little overhead. Im blessed with a few accounts but I normally charge $40/hr but after some gravy it averages out to a little more.

    Can I ask questions regarding purchase prices on resale products (bulk fertilizer), %margin and Return on/of Investment. Dont get me wrong I run a small solo business and I may be a newbie but I have dignity and want to grow personally and professionally. I want to contribute to the site and be a good member. Now I just need to see if there is a way to delete crappy threads I start.

    Other than what you already have shown me, if there is any other advise for the fert industry you can give me Im all ears. Look for a better post from me soon regarding this practice.

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    No problem Good luck with your search ! :waving:
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    SO, that would be $25/10K sq ft. Is that the profit you want to make, or the fert cost? If that is the fert cost, that is really high, even if you average in a round or two of pre-emerge+fert. I would get some competitive bids.
    I would hope you could average closer to $1.50/1K sq ft.

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