what to charge for hedge trimming?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rambler, Jun 30, 2004.

  1. rambler

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    need expert advice on what to charge for hedge trimming . this is my first job im bidding on there is about 30 hedges around the house 16 of them are about waist high and 3x4x4 12 of them areabout 2x2x2 the bigger ones have vines grown all through them and the lady wants all the vines out of them and killed thanks for all replyes just dont want to under bid or bid to high?
  2. Mark McC

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    I dunno about anyone else, but that sounds like a lot of flipping work. Problem with the vines is that you dare not guarantee their permanent removal, 'cause all it takes is one little root stem left behind.

    Sounds like about a dozen man-hours at least, depending on how tough it is to get in and out and how thick the vines are. Better to overbid than underbid, Rambler.
  3. sprout

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    :D With a power hedge trimmer you can go thru them real fast, it takes longer to clean up the debris. It sounds to me like $2or$3 per hedge or about $65-$80 for the job. Be real carefull on the vines, other than pulling them out if you spray them with a brush (vine) killer you will no dought kill the hedges. ( and she will want you to replace them at your expance) I would pull them out, if she doesn't go fot that, explain to her about killing the hedges.
    She is no dought thinking $25or$30 for the job-- not this boy.
  4. GrassBustersLawn

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    I don't know about anyone else, but the CHEAPEST I charge for a hedge is $5. (None of that $2 or $3 stuff!) You have to recoup your time & expenses to GET TO AND FROM THE JOB & $2 bucks a bush just isn't going to do it (unless you live next door to them). I would charge $5 each for the smaller bush & $10 each for the bigger bush. ALSO, include $ for disposal. Are you hauling it off to a dump? I figure 2 times what the dump is going to charge me. THEN figure 25% on top of that for pulling the weeds. THEN another 25% because she is going to be a PITA - guaranteed! I don't touch that job for under $300. If she doesn't like it, she can do it herself. (YEAH, like that will happen!)

  5. AielLandscaping

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    you can always tell her that you don't do these kind of jobs on a flat rate basis but you'll have to charge her an hourly rate due to there being too many variables (vines and weeds) that saves you from losing your shorts should you under bid, and they'll have already committed to you should you go over what they were hoping for. Never lock yourself in to a price if you can help it.
  6. jpmako

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    I Charge Hourly for Hedges

    Usually I estimate how many hours I think it is going to take, and then the dumping fee's and that is the Customers Estimate.
    The other day I gave an estimate for hedges approx 4 hours + $50 dumping fee's Total Estimate $350.00
    It took about 3 Hours and I had a guy cleaniing up after me so I made out pretty well
  7. Stripe This

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    $35 per man hr + $18 per yard of debris hauled away.
  8. QualityLawnCare4u

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    WOW!!! I wished I lived where some of you folks lived at! In my area you are lucky to get $15 an hour. I had a lady slam door in my face recently on a quote of 15 an hour and that day I went up to $35 an hour. I have not done one hedge job since I went up and I refuse to do them for a penny less. Tommorw I am going to give quote on one and it will be $35 per hour and I will be surprised If I get it. I have one good customer that said when I do his again he had not problem with the price increase. Why do people think hedge trimming should be cheaper than mowing their lawn? Never could figure that one out.

    Quality Lawn Care
  9. RedWingsDet

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    i charge 90$ an hour if i have my employee with me... i trim, he cleans up. were in an out quick. or i charge around 20 per hedge depending on its size. its basically what ever i feel is reasonable and what i know they are going to pay....but say i charge 3 and it takes me 40min, ill charge 60$. but if it takes an hour ill charge 90. it all depends on the customer, how long it takes, and if i can tell that they will want me for other services becides hedge trimming and cutting their lawn.
  10. brucec32

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    It's interesting isn't it how varied prices on something like shrubs can be?

    Markets vary drastically in going rates. People's aptitude and interest in doing this kind of work varies a lot too. Some guys are geared up for it, some aren't. But here we have one quote at 12 man hours, or maybe $600, and others under $100. Quite a difference!

    The single biggest factor, how much growth are you cutting off, wasn't mentioned. But for typical early summer growth I my best time estimate on them was about 3 man-hours including proper cleanup and factoring in some drive time to get there. If you're hauling the debris off I add about $50 for that depending on the volume. So I'd come in at $230 for the job this time of year. Less in cool weather when I have more time and the work is more pleasant.

    I'd use a pole hedge trimmer and regular two sided one for tight spots. The more pristine and nice the place is the more you have to spend on cleaning the stuff up. If fresh mulch is coming in later you can save a little time there.

    For the reason that there are so many variables, I bid this kind of work out per-hour only, and only to established customers, so that the trust factor is there and they don't ever seem to mind. I work fast, so the total is usually a little less than they expected.

    This is tiring work, much more so than mowing, so don't cut rates to get the business. If they're too cheap to see the value in doing this, especially in JULY, then they can go pound sand.

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