What to charge for taking care of 73 acre farm

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by walkermowers, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. walkermowers

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    was wanting to know what your thoughts were on taking care of a 73 acre farm price wise. we cut 53 acres every week with three ztr's which we can do in about 10.5 hrs. the other 20 acres is pasture which we bush hog once every other month during the growing season. there is a sand arena which has to be prepared every week with a drag harrow that takes about 1 hr. to do. thanks for the responses.
  2. Precision

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    what is your hourly rate, times man hours plus drive time if that is a consideration.

    for mowing 31.5 hours times $60 or times $75 or times $50 or whatever, gives you the price for mowing
    same with all the other things.
  3. meets1

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    I agree with PRECISION. take hours time your rate = easy answer!
  4. walkermowers

    walkermowers LawnSite Member
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    we have been doing it now for three years and the first year we were just cutting 7 acres for $140 which i was basing the price on $80 an hr. he has added on more work the past two years to the full farm now. he told me he would give me $1000 a week to do everything "maintenance" wise on the property. so i guess it comes to just under 100 an hour. i just wanted to know if what other people would charge seeing how in most trade mags you see that alot of the companies are trying to bill out between 40-50 bucks per hour per employee on the job. i just thought that would be stealing the man blind. thank you for your input.
  5. Swampy

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    seriously thats a steal. I don't know what your using to cut it. But for your acrage that your saying and with our biggest mower ( to charge about 95 bucks a hour to be out there for about 4 hours is close to 388 smackers per week. So long story short if he's giving a grand per week thats well worth it. (Averege 4 wks a month 4K on just one account) go for it. If thats his terms.
  6. MarcSmith

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    1000 a week.....wow....but then you have to consider how many weeks.... if your gowing season is 38 weeks, you could amortize the payments over 12 months. It would make hims feel like he's paying laess, make you feel like you are charging less, when in fact you are gettingt he same amount over a longer period....

    38K = 3166 per month. Keep in mind that in some months there are 5 weeks, and in other months only two cuts or even one. the guy might appreciate a "set" fee every monht to hlep with budgeting...

    Sunds like a good deal.

    if you ever feel guilty about taking too muchmoney, you could always add some spring /summer flower rotations to a few beds to spice up the joint, and just "forget" to charge him
  7. walkermowers

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    we cut the 19 acre polo field with an exmark 48" hydro with a velke and a walker 42 ghs mower. that takes about 2.5 hrs. the other mower we use out there is a jd 717 48" ztr. all in all i think it is a good deal it just kills us to ride for 10 hrs straight. we trade off on the mowers to give the person riding the velke some time to sit down and cut.
  8. walkermowers

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    i have mentioned the yearly contract price but he didnt like the idea. he is weird like that. i am out on the property once a week sometimes twice a week every week of the year. we cut all day on fridays. we cut 46 times a year on a yearly deal but all the property is bermuda so we normally stop cutting christmas eve. during the winter we just do clean up on the property that has been overgrowing the past years in the wooded area.
  9. Swampy

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    seriously guy look at a 60", 72", or even a used 11 footer. A 60 and a 72" are a standard of wide open acreage mowing. They are your smallest mower's for WAM's but the most used. Hell our 580-D being a 97 has only 3500 hours on it and we bought it new to replace 3 of our 4 72" mowers.
  10. walkermowers

    walkermowers LawnSite Member
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    my only problem with getting the bigger mowers is i can't use them on my other properties. the jd just sits in the garage all week until friday. we have access issues on my other properties. i just cant justify buying a mower of that size if i cant use it more. i know what you mean though. it would cut my time down alot. the owner likes to see the stripes in the field and he cant really tell the difference between the 42 and 48 in mowers but you put a 60 or 72 on there and he will be able to tell.

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