What to Charge for this Landscape job?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Mt. Zion Lawn Care, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Mt. Zion Lawn Care

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    I recently got hired to do a landscape job for a mowing client. He said just charge what you have to charge but get it done before friday. My instructions were to fill flower bed with aprox 16'' of dirt and make it slanted down hill away from the house. So at the house it was 22'' high and the driveway it was 16'' to let the water run and not puddle up and seap into their basement like it was. After that I have to cover with pea gravel and then clean the mess up off the concrete. The flower bed is aprox 5' wide by 15' long. I got the dirt for free off our farm I just had to load it with the tractor, and then haul 9 miles. I will have to pay for the pea gravel and haul it too, but I'm just wondering what I should charge for labor. I was thinking at $35 an hour, It would take 3 hours to do with 2 men so thats $105. Is this a good estimate? Too high or to low?
  2. richardcog

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    It would be to low for me but how much is your time worth to u I would bid by job not by hour
  3. GrassGuerilla

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    So your giving away your dirt, the time loading it, free hauling too? And then $35 an hour for 2 men? I'm sure you mean each. Are you having a going out of business sale? Did you figure the volume of material?
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  4. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    This job would probably be in the 3-600 dollar range for me at least, without seeing the job.
  5. jsroda

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    Not enough, I always double what the cost of the material I am using cost plus gas if you are delivering it. Even though you are getting the dirt for free you still need to charge him for it. So when you write up an invoice it will have:

    Dirt: $
    Gravel: $
    Labor/Delivery: which is normally twice what the cost of dirt and gravel is, then I charge $1.25 per mile for delivery.
  6. alldayrj

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    Two men. One day. Thousand bucks
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  7. Colonel Forbin

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    No thanks sir ill pass
  8. trock

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    Id like to hire you as a subcontractor.
  9. Mt. Zion Lawn Care

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    Sounds like I was way off. Glad I did not tell him I would do it for that! Yikes!! Thanks guys for the advice!
  10. andersman02

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    Nothing is free, materials are never free. Always charge.

    if your overhead is low, maybe 35/hr would work. I wouldnt get out of bed for less then 50/MH. Gotta factor in gas and drivetime, loading and unloading onsite and offsite.

    All our materials are marked up 50% from wholesale.

    No fabric inbetween materials? would make for a mess in a few years of rain and freeze/thaw up here

    105 in labor is way cheap, 3 hours w/ 2 guys sounds close.

    Without doing any math, $500 sounds close.

    Give ya a hint, we do 1.60/drivetime for our dump, 1.2 with 1 tons

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