What to charge??? Grading & re-sod lawn.

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by birdturd9726, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. birdturd9726

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    I have a job to do the following:
    1. remove dead lawn
    2. grade remaining areas and level with whatever topsoil needed to go below the new incoming sod.
    3. i will then have to spread the soil and lay the sod (approx. 4100 square feet)

    how much does this type of job run.
    i never priced this type of job or took on this type of task.
    how much fresh soil goes underneath the sod, and is this type of job a difficult task.
  2. lawnpro724

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    You'll need to figure out how much topsoil to bring in and the price your going to be paying for the sod and topsoil. You should be buying your sod wholesale so whatever price you get it at make sure to double the cost to the customer and the same for the topsoil then you will need to charge a delivery fee as well. If you have laid sod before you should have good idea on how long it will take so take your hourly rate times the number of hours you think it will take to get your price. If you haven't laid sod before charge by the hour so you don't loose your a$$.
  3. down to earth lawn

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    I would suggest finding a local guy that does grading/hauling and use him as your sub. Any of those guys with experiance will be able to figure grading hours, soil needed to bring in, ect. Let him know from the beginning you would like to learn how he figures this type of work. You may start a properous relationship with him. I have a guy that does a lot of dirt work and 90% of the time, he can do all my grading/hauling cheaper than me renting the equip. I don't even shop price, he gets all of it from me. As for the sod, the other advice was right on. Down here in my area, we get $1 a yard to lay it after ALL prep work is done. If you can work out, the sub may be able to put the forks on the bobcat and help move the pallets for you on the day you lay it. I hope this helps you.
  4. sicnj

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    harley rake is the only way to go grades and preps for seed couple swipes and you ready to go.
  5. birdturd9726

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    here are pictures of the job. never laid sod or anything. How long do you think it would take to grade it add topsoil, lay sod, and around the bushes on both sides the owner was thinking about stacking slates to making a small retaining wall. what is your approximation on price for this job?





  6. sicnj

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    is he going to put in irrigation? $.40- $1.00 to lay the sod and some light grading. I would put top soil down roll it out put down slow release lime and fertilizer, but now your talking more money. price out the top soil with delivery, figuire out how long it will take to spread it. Example top soil $15 X 20 yards= $300 Add delivery $75= $375 tack on the mark up .20
    375X .20 = 75. 375 + 75= $450. Labor (better get a machine) you can get $100 on a machine * hours you think it will take you $100*4= $400
    so now you got $850.
    sod 4100x .75 $3075.

    $3925 for the job
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    Hydromulch that sucker!

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