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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by HometownLawn, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Hi, complete newbie here, so pardon my rampant stupidity. I'm just now getting the equipment together to start a lawn service. I dont want to start out doing any serious landscaping, just light stuff, mowing, trimming, edging,...just the basics. I'm in Palm harbor florida, and there is a LOT of competition, but also a lot of opportunity as this is a pretty fast growing area, and the surrounding areas are poised for a boom in growth. Quite honestly most i see do a sloppy job, though there are quite a few that are good professional deals and thats what i want.

    I dont know where to start for pricing. I dont want to be outrageous, but i also dont want to undercut myself. I know that most jobs are priced out by sq. ft. but I dont know where to start...can anyone give me an idea of where to start my pricing?
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    First off welcome to the board :waving: This question comes up alot. You can find a TON of info here. Best tool to use is the search feature towards the upper right in the green bar. Type in whatever you are looking for and it will give you access to all the past conversations on that topic. For example, estimating, bidding commercial etc. Most guys start using the dollar a minute formula. You work 30 then charge 30 bucks. It is not 100% fool proof depending on what you are doing, just a really rough estimate. Good thinking in not wanting to short yourself. You need to know what it costs you per man hour. You have to cover your costs before you make any money right? Its a trail and error process. You may get burnt a couple of times trying to estimate. There is an estimating calculator you can use (never used it myself but it may give you some idea) at http://www.lawncaredirectory.com/estimatecalculator.htm you can try it and check against other members say here. Please include as much info as possible when asking about job bidding so the guys can help. Pictures often help a lot. Supply and demand determine alot what your prices will be. Going rate will vary from region to region. More supply of cheap workers the more it will affect the demand for your services. Any other questions ask away.

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