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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Wing 97, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Wing 97

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    from CT
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    I'm trying to come up with a reasonable rate to charge for operator and 331 excavator to start out. Obvisously I'm new to the buisness and will eventually charge by the job once I have a better grasp on what I can accomplish in a certain amount of time. I know when we start to talk numbers it gets a little personal but any suggestions would help. BTW I purchased the machine as stated in previuos threads to slowly get out of the property maintenance buisness so I would appreciate comments like "you bought an excavator before you knew how much it would make" kept to a minimum. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. Scag48

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    We charge $85 an hour for our 303CR but we're the only ones with this size of machine, aside from having someone go rent. I wouldn't go any lower than $75 an hour for a machine of that size, you shouldn't have any problems drumming up business at that hourly rate.
  3. ksss

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    We $75.00 an hour on 12K machine. I wish I could get more but thats all my market will bear. I matched the rate backhoes are here and that the market I am in.
  4. Wing 97

    Wing 97 LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    Thanks for the reply guys. Right now I have a small stump removal job a a 30x30 garage foundation to be dug. Not so concerned about stump removal but should I base the fee for 8 hr day for a foundation that size? Sould be fairly easy digging.
  5. ksss

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    A 30X30X36" deep about 4' across in good ground conditions takes me about an hour and half. I charge 4 dollars a foot for footings which includes back fill. On smaller jobs like this I may add to that to cover expenses in coming back to do the backfill depending on proximity to me or other jobs I have in the area. Again this is me. This is the problem with an hourly rate. You would be in a bind to explain why you billed the customer for an 8 hour day on a couple hour dig. You certianly need a min. to cover transport costs, I prefer bidding when possible or by the linear foot ect. Less problems that way. However given your situation its hard to bid when you don't know what your machine and you can do so for a while it will be hard to get a handle on this process.
  6. Mini man

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    You guys charging 75 and 85 per hour...wow...I get 65 per hour Canadian for my 303.5 CAT...I suck!
    :canadaflag: :cool2:
  7. Wing 97

    Wing 97 LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    I guess just like everthing else in life it will be a learning process. I figure I will have to take a few chances in estimating in order to get time in the seat. But I guess there is a price to pay to get experience.
  8. minimax

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    I'm getting $70 hr for a 35c deere with a 2 hr min. in a 15 mi radius.A old timer is getting $95 hr for 121-3.
  9. gammon landscaping

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    well dad charges 60/hr for his 580sl and 100/hr for his 312. i think that if i was testing the market you should find out what backhoes in you area are charging and go 10-15 bucks cheaper for the first year. first it will help drum up buesness, and it will give you plenty of time to learn you capabilitys. after the first year look at you rates and adjust to the price you need. and then you will be able to bid better
  10. Gravel Rat

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    The rates for 11,000-12,000lb mini excavators is 70-75 dollars per hour CND a smaller mini like the 331 I can see around 60-65 dollars.

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