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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by turfwrangler, May 18, 2006.

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    I plan on getting started on cutting Jan. 2007. I don't know how much to charge people say for like 1/4 acre, 1/2 acre, 1 acre and so on. If someone could give me a few hints it sure would be helpful.
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    Jan 07 huh,,, well that gives you time to get a job with a local lco and find out what they charge,,,, or call a lco to get an est on your moms, friends, own lawn, to see prices in your area,, or spend the next 6 months using the search bar above to find out answers to all the other silly a$$ questions your going to come up with next! Heres my price sheet probably be off of what you can charge in your area.

    1/8 acre= 5,445 square feet
    ¼ acre= 10,890 square feet
    3/8 acre= 16,335 square feet
    ½ acre= 21,780 square feet
    5/8 acre= 27,225 square feet
    ¾ acre= 32,670 square feet
    7/8 acre= 38,115 square feet
    1 acre= 43,560 square feet

    1/8 acre: $30
    1/4 acre: $35
    3/8 acre: $40
    1/2 acre: $45
    5/8 acre: $50
    3/4 acre: $55
    7/8 acre: $60
    1 acre: $65
    Over 1 acre: $65 per acre + $20 for each additional acre
    Example:3 acre lawn would cost $105.
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    That reply by dogbonz is very nice guide, similar to mine and about the same thing but not exactly, so here is my guide they are a little different so use whatever you like but both are close in price (except acre+ lots).

    The reason my guide is like it is, I approximate where the guide above may be more for those who like to be a bit more precise, it is a matter of choice and preference thou on acre+ lots my guide is pricier, I got 1.5 acres for $85 and thus far have not gotten bigger lots than that but not due to estimating but just no calls for it.

    Anyway, correct, 1 acre = 43,560 square feet

    Min. charge: $35

    < 1/4 acre: $30 (shut up its only for really small lots 5k-8k or so)
    - 1/4 acre lot: Avg. $ 35.00 (10-12k sq.ft.)
    - 1/3 acre lot: Avg. $ 40.00 (12-16k sq.ft.)
    - 1/2 acre lot: Avg. $ 45.00 (16-24k sq.ft.)
    - 2/3 acre lot: Avg. $ 50.00 (24-30k sq.ft.)
    - 3/4 acre lot: Avg. $ 55.00 (30-35k sq.ft.)
    One acre lot: Avg. $ 60.00
    1.5 acres $85, 2 acres 110.00
    2.5 = 135, 3 = 155, 4 = 195.
    5=230, 6=260, 7=285, 8=310.
  4. turfwrangler

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    Thanks for replying, I am excited about this websight, it has answered a lot of my questions just reading other people's questions and asking my own. Again, thaks for your time.
  5. turfwrangler

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    Thanks for the advice, I am going to start calling different local businesses soon. Thanks for your advice.

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    Dont forget about amount of trim.. If its an acre of open yard $60 or so but if its an acre with 20 trees scattered through the property, more like 65-70.
  8. Dogbonz

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    Dude I wasnt bashing
    {Ok the $illy A$$ was a bit harsh, but really I was told the all the same things, when i was new here, use the search, get ests,, get job, ect., and also "you'll learn in time from your mistakes,,, True dat! I sure have learned in the short 2 years ive been doing it.}
    just stating the obvious.
  9. WJW Lawn

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    Its a legit question...the more we help the new guys with pricing...that means one less low baller....WE HOPE!! Good Luck to you in 07!
  10. Randy J

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    The guides posted should give you an idea, but what they are pricing may or may not be a good price for you. Things you need to consider include what the going market rate in your area is and what your cost of doing business is. It won't do you any good to price 1/4 acre at $35 if it costs you $40 to do the job. You need to include things like the price of the mower, deprectiation (so you can afford to replace the mower), maintance, advertising, as well as fuel and labor. Likewise, if everyone else is doing it at $25, then you'll really have to work hard at selling yourself to get $35.
    Good luck.

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