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What to charge?

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I'm kind of unsure of what to charge as far as skid steer work goes. I'm thinking $60 an hour for the machine and the operator. Also, the thread about mulch pricing, I'm going to start at $50 a yard, does that seem reasonable compared to my hourly skid steer rate? I don't want to be low, just dropped 21K on the machine, need to make money with it. Thanks!
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How much do you get per hour for a skidsteer with operator? Maybe we could compare as a form of a ratio.
Okay, seems like I'm on the low side. I shall adjust to $70. I have 3 jobs lined up already for the skid steer. We are ordering forks, got the combo bucket, and are thinking about the backhoe attachment. If we get the backhoe attachment, I want the Cat one, so I can operate the backhoe from inside the cab, so you're not having to get off the backhoe to move the machine. Plus, the Cat backhoe has a sideshift, so you can get the bucket real close to buildings if you're trenching alongside a building or foundation. As far as mulch goes, we will be spreading alot soon, as all the jobs lined up will involve mulch. Thanks guys! I need an opinion on the Cat backhoe, if anyone has an opinion on it.
I have thought about the grapple bucket. We're not doing any tree work yet, but if that type of thing comes up, we will sure consider the grapple bucket.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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