what to check on monthly re numbers

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hotwired, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I'd like some input as to some ideas on what to check on for "numbers" on a monthly basis. specifically, here's where I'm stuck:

    I create a very specific budget each year. Then I make sure on a monthly basis how I'm doing. I also compare month to month vs. a year ago, i.e. June 08 vs. June 07 (accrual of course) - but sometimes, like if profit is less, I have a hard time getting clear why. I've started at the bottom ... if I can't figure out why, then start with where I'm coinfused. Like for instance I have several subs working for me, including snow. I also pay my employee $599 per year as a sub. I only had accounts for "outside" subs and "in house" subs. I realized that I needed to know how much, at a glance, I spent on snow sub, pest subs, landscape subs so I could see how each "class" of service was doing. This prevented me from making errors in judgement if I paid a snow sub in April (landscape season) for work done in March (snow season). So I AM getting clearer, but I want to make things much more crisp and clear. Can any of you give me some feedback on what you check on a monthly basis and anything special you do, like what questions you ask yourself, what actions you take when numbers aren't where you want them, etc??

    One reason for my lack of "tools" is that each year since I went from 5 employees to just 2 of us plus subs, we've increased each and every year across the board. Expenses went slightly down each year, while income (and profit) went up each year, so my "figure out what's going wrong" muscles have atrophied!!
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    Which software are you using to determine these numbers?
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    I use quickbooks, 2006 pro - I tried the contractor version back in 05 but didn't use the extra features.

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