What to do about a contract?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by garnersgardening, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. garnersgardening

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    I have a new customer that just signed a one year contract for me to mow her rental property. For starters I have mowed it twice and not been paid. Second I was talking to the tenant after the second mowing and he informed me that when they move in a month she is selling the house. I am thinking she just signed a 1 year contract and 3-4 weeks later the house is being sold. Should I hold her to the contract if it sells quickly?

    The other thing she just baught a new house and wants me to start mowing it. But I am hesitant since I can't evan get paid for the rental property. What should I do?

    She is also your typical PITA customer. Everything has to be a certain way you have to be there at a specific time and if your going to be 10 minutes late you better call. She does not understand getting behind schedule and her tenant is a PITA as well. She tells you one thing and then she tells the owner you said it. I am very seriously considering dropping her.
  2. Yater

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    What are the payment terms in the contract? Get your payment from her and then hit her with late fees (if applicable per the contract).
  3. Lawnut101

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    How did you agree to be payed? After each time you mow, or at the end of the month? I bill my customers monthly, but it just depends on what you want to do.
  4. VirginiaLawnCare

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    Send her a bill. I bill people with contracts at end of month and they have 14 days to pay or they get hit with the late fees that are stated in the contract and on the invoice. If she signed a contract that say states she is under contract until end of OCT or wherever the person will be billed for that regardless if they sell the house enless they have been with me a long time and there was a good reason behind selling it like they lost there job or a emergency.
  5. garnersgardening

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    It states in the contract that she will pay every 2 weeks for a one year period I did this because she is the little sister of a good friend. The contract includes everything mowing shrubs, fertilizer. We agreed $50 would cover everything with her paying it every 2 weeks it comes out to $1300 for the year.
  6. garnersgardening

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    I would probably do the same but she is a new customer this year like only had her a month. She is military so I know she gets paid also.
  7. Yater

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    Ask her if there's anyway you can make it easier for her to get you the money (leave it in the mailbox, give her your address, etc). It'll get the hint across without being pushy...since she's a friend. Don't cut her yard again until she pays.
  8. mngrassguy

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    I pre-bill my customers on the first of the month FOR THAT MONTH. I the bill isn't paid in 21 days, service stops. PERIOD.

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