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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mortymower, Jun 13, 2005.

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    Hi I went to this site with flyer templates, and they have at the bottom, "10% of next service with mowing contract" and a few other offers. I want to be able to put some of these offers in but I don't currently docontracts I just have some very reliable customers. So how do ya'll do your contracts and are there any other ways to do it and offer a percentage off with out the customer just getting 10% off the first time and then saying thanks but I now want to do it myself. Any sugesstions? :help:
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    Yup, give them the last grass-cut of the season for free, that's what I do :)
    And since you may or may not be able to accurately predict the last cut, make sure you slip it in sometime late september/early october or whatever but at LEAST a month before it's all over. So ok, maybe it's not the very last cut, but you get the idea.

    Works like a charm, except I just do it without advertising it. That way I'm not bound by it because sometimes I just can't...

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    We offer the 4th mow free but let the customer know that there are different prices $25 for weekly mowing $31.50 Bi-weekly mowing and $35 for 1-5 mows. That way if the client quits before the 6th mow after they have received the free one you charge the $35 fee for mows 1,2,3,and 5. the 4th being still free. It increases the price by $40.00 so they tend to stay for at least 6 mows. I think if a client stays for 6 mows they are here to stay.

    The first mow for some of these folks is the worst and they sign up for a weekly service for the season. Then after the first or second mow they quit.

    Also we do have some problem with people not wanting to pay for the change in price. It is best to get people on credit cards so that you can just hit there card and not have to chase down your money. I use Quick books pro.
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    Hi Mortymower,

    You could also offer something to the effect of 10% off any purchase of $x.xx or more.

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