what to do about vacation?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QuadRacer041, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. QuadRacer041

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    ive owned my own business for over 10 years and have never really taken a real vaction, so in a few weeks we will be going on a week long cruise.
    this will be the first time i will be gone for a full week except for my honeymoon when my dad did the mowing but he and my mom will be coming on the cruise with us.
    i run solo so i will not be do any mowing or any other type of work the week im gone.
    im really not woried about not actually doing the work because its the middle of the summer and im sure it wont be to difficult to catch up on the mowing the week i come back.
    my question is,,,,,,do i tell my custemers?do i just leave a greeting on my voice mail saying im away and will resume service when i get back?do i send them a letter explaining?
    i charge by the month and in my contracts it says mowing service's will be done on a 7 day cycle unless something happenes like weather(rain) and such,it also says in the contract that occationally there are 5 weeks in a month and that 5th week is averaged into the monthly fee and not charged extra for it when it occur's.
    i DO NOT plan on adjusting any monthly bills because of this vaction.

    what do you guys suggest?and do you think i am wrong for not adjusting bills because i am not mowing for that week?
  2. clcare

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    let your customers know you will be on vacation, they shouldn't have a problem with it now that every thing has slower growing rate in july. And don't adjust billing because you will be catching up when you come back.

    Shut the phone off and enjoy!!!
  3. SWD

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    I have faced this situation before.
    I simply left a message on my answering machine that I was not in the area and unavailable between certain dates.
    It is probably inevitable that certain customers will demand an explanation and either or not you provide it is up to you.
    I personally do not explain where I was and what I was doing while I was gone. My attitude is that a vacation is necessary business - you don't take one, you burn out. Unless you have really pressing accounts that have a special occasion while you are gone (and it sounds like you don't) just go, enjoy yourself and whatever you do, do not check in while you are on vacation. Don't talk about work, don't think about work, don't even mention or dress the way you go to work. This time is for you and your wife, the business has intruded enough - give some unfettered time back to your wife.
    BTW, the wife and I have a rule - no more than two month's between our get aways. Leave early on Friday, return late Sunday, go to work Monday morning. It has really done wonders for us. We have also adopted the attitude I wrote about above.
    Go and live a bunch - your grind will be waiting for when you return.
  4. QuadRacer041

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    BTW, the wife and I have a rule - no more than two month's between our get aways. Leave early on Friday, return late Sunday, go to work Monday morning. It has really done wonders for us. We have also adopted the attitude I wrote about above.

    yea we do that alot but this will be the first time we are gone for the full week.
    do think i should adjust there monthly bill's?
  5. moneyman

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    Ever seen the movie "the firm" where he had people charged with fraudlent billing for attorneys charging for services not performed ? He had the postal serivce invoilved also becuase it was mailed which made it a federal offense.
    I would adjust becuase you are billing them for a service you have not performed. Seems like it could almost be illegal to bill them.At least according to the movie..LOL
  6. CamLand

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    Last time i went on vacation was 1996,at that time we had sent out a notice in the billings a month before vacation.We didn't have any problems,except the vacation wasn't long enough...
  7. 42homers

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    What's a vacation?
  8. Green Care

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    Let the customers know then start packing and go while your there don;t worry about your business it will be there.

    Have Fun.
  9. pcnservices

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    Notify your customers and bill them accordingly.

    The week before we leave we usually "stretch" the schedule and mow a day late. The week after we're back we mow them a day early. ie. In the week you're back you will mow some of your accounts 2x - 6 days apart.

    We also have a couple of 10 day accounts. If their scheduled service occurr in the week we're gone, we mow them the week before and again the week after we're back. These are my low maintenance lawns and in the summer they can sometimes wait 14 days.

    Your schedule will be messed up for a while after that but by doing it this way you do not miss a week's income, or at least part of it.

    This might sound confusing but you can figure it out and adjust your schedule in a way to best work in your situation.

    Last but not least - go on that cruise, have a cocktail, have fun and FORGET about them lawns!
  10. WeatherMan

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    Take your vacation in the winter

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