What to do first, seed or fert.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by arrudacruiser1, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Three weeks ago I limed. Prior to that I took samples so the soil would not be contaminated. I am awaiting the soil test results from lesco. Should I lay seed now or wait till the results come back? Also thinking about using tupersan as a prevenative for the crab grass. Should I lay the seed before the tupersan. Sorry, full of questions as a newbie. Dont roast me. Thanks.
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    You do not want to apply any kind of weed killer or pre emergent when seeding as it will prohibit germination. I typically try to control weeds in the spring and then seed in the fall but I know you may have conditions where you have to seed now. If you are going to seed now, apply your seed however you are planning and then follow up with a good starter fert and water.
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    Actually, Tupersan is a safe pre-emergent for new lawns, and can even be put down on seed. That is the unique thing about this product. However, like Doetsch said, do your starter fert., and hit it again in about 3 weeks. And do NOT treat any new weeds that come up in the new grass unless you are using quinclorac (Drive 75) (and expensive). But with Drive, you have to be real careful. There are certain grasses that can and cannot be applied on with certain time intervals after germination. Different cultivars have different safe time intervals at which it can be applied on.

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