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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ajslands, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Ok so I am doing some mulch for a client that I know fairly well, he has helped through alot in life, (kinda like a realy good family friend) well, I mow his lawn and this year he wants me to do some topping of mulch it's not a big job, only 8 yards, and to save money, he what's to help out, now I don't mind this at all (I am not gonna tell a person that has helped me; "no you can't help me") I just want to know what to charge, also I will be delivering it too. So I don't what to include that in yet becuase Idk what type he's getting yet, he's only 5 miles from my supplier so not to bad. But what should I charge for labor, maybe 35$ per hr since he's helping me, also I will be areating, and doing some rotto tilling.


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    Is he a hard and fast worker or is he just going to be making it look just right?

    Maybe you could try to use him as an employee :) Make sure he knows what he needs to do to be most helpful whether that be shoveling, moving, spreading, or whatever.

    I'm not sure what to charge for labor though, couldn't you charge your usual rate and just get the job done quicker since you'll have free help?
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    When you say hes helped you out alot what do you mean? If he is like a grandfather who has been there for you. do it for the materials. if you mean hes just been a good friend, time and materials. For the later we will do a reduced rate plus materials.
    I know there are those who will tell you different, but sometimes you get paid in other ways than money.
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    I agree completely. There are some people that have been totally awesome friends or helped me without hesitation. I sell them material at cost and help them for free if I can. It has always come back to me at least two fold.

    One example is a good friend that always helps me with my electronics gadgets. He's a real pro and has rebuilt our pc's many times over the years. He helps me evenings, weekends or whenever I need it. He'll always get stuff from me at cost. I even gave him my first truck. Not a dime from him. He was thrilled! I knew he would take care of it and I can't begin to tell you the stuff he helps me with. People like that really deserve the royal treatment in return.
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    sounds like matrerials cost

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