What to do in Winter time?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mastercutts, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Mastercutts

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    from Florida
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    Hey, Im 19 been doing this for three years or so, and Im wondering what every does in the nov, dec, jan, and feb months, i live in florida. What should i do.
  2. kootoomootoo

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    ...................................get a job..........................or be some rich chicks toy boy.
  3. crawdad

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    Make room in your yard for my camper.
    What part of florida are you in?
    Crawdad :cool:
  4. Del9175

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    I do most of my mulch work in the winter time. Since a lot of my accounts are on yearly agreements, I also do a fair amount of sitting around. Get yourself a pressure cleaner. Winter time is a great time to do this kind of work. Start by offering it to your existing customers. Pretty easy money in my book. The only downside is having to constantly be lining up work, but since there isn't much grass to cut, you'll have more time to pursue it.
  5. Patrick.B

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    This my first year in lawn business ....i have a few customers that all year round but what i'm gonna do when the grass don't grow ?...mmm Guess i do pressured washer when winner come here ,,,,Just two months of winner here ,,,most Lawn guys here clean gutters and pressured washer in winner ,,,,always got something to do here in Louisiana ,,,,,,,,

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