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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by stock04srt4, Jul 13, 2009.

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    Don't know if this is the right section but...

    I have recently started a lawn care company in my area. A friend calls me up and say "I did't know u started to do lawns". Well he then goes on and says that the company that is doing his now hasn't been in 3 weeks and they can't get to him for another 2 weeks becasue of equipment troubles. Any ways I go to cut his grass last weekend and the other guy shows ups without any equipment just himself and ask what im doing that, this is his yard. I'm tring to be friendly and things but. I finally start and mow, the guy keeps calling and messing with me. How much is too much and what is the best thing to do? Im just starting out and don't want a bad name or anything.
    Just trying to help a friend and get some more work. Just looking for some input from people just starting out and ones that have been at it for a while.

    Ps....This guy charges $40 to cut a half acre. no blowing or edging.....
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    It doesn’t matter what he charges, if he cant do the job he doesn’t need to be holding you up. personally id laugh at him and thank him for doing such a crappy job that it boosted your name.

    Im not big into fighting but I don’t wear panties ether. If he keeps it up id knock him out. I don’t recommend doing that but more then likely that’s how id end it
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    the heck with him, mow it
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    Tell him you have been contacted by the property owner and it is your lawn now, and if he has any questions speak to the property owner. By the way, what part of VA are you from?
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    Adding assault to your portfolio is not a good way to earn business. Just keep doing what is right and people will trust you to take care of their property. Also, nobody owns the right to a homeowners property.
    Their is a civil way to earn business. You do not want to step on anyones toes, but their is only one way to gain more accounts, and that is more than likely taking work away from other companies.
    Just do whats right and you will succeed!
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    from the hampton roads area...

    Thanks for all the input. I guess I will let it go on for about a few more days and then will have to take my own action. But I dont think I knock him out.
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    Please know my anger's not directed at you, but if that happened to me, which it has, I would've been mad as hell too.
    Except I'm smart enough to realize it's not your fault, usually, assuming certain things...

    But it's like what happens when someone switches from Cable TV to Satellite, and forgets to call the Cable company to tell them?
    What happens, the cable company keeps sending the bill, don't they?
    And why is that?

    Because it's one thing that the customer got someone else, I can tolerate as much, and I may not like it but I accept it.
    But they could have CALLED to let me know!

    So how about when I show up and the grass is already cut, I just bill them anyhow?
    I've gone so far as to see the grass has been cut, and gone right ahead and cut it, too.
    That's how mad that *%&^ makes me.
    All right, rant over :laugh:

    But tell your friend, the next time he plans to cancel services to at least call the other company.

    Lessons learned:
    BEFORE taking on a service where the customer is not satisfied with their current?
    I make sure they have called to inform them of that, well...
    I at least ask them if they have, and if they say no I suggest, would you please?

    Yes, to avoid this very BS situation.
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