What to do next with Z trak mower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MCSSPimpin, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. MCSSPimpin

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    I'm working on a John Deere Z trak F687 mower with a Kohler ch23s engine.
    The engine does turn over when trying to start but only starts sometimes, mainly after I put some gas in the carb a couple of times. When it does start, it dies soon after.

    I'd like to know what I should try next in fixing this mower. So far I have replaced the spark plugs, wires/coils, fuel filter (and checked the pump), air filter, cleaned the carburetor, and cleaned the cooling fins area.

    My next idea is to check to see if there is a vacuum leak of some sort, whats the easiest way to check this? I'm also working on a Kawasaki mule that won't run unless the cover is off of the air box so that the air filter is exposed.

    Thanks for any imput!
  2. Restrorob

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    If the Deere 23 (No engine spec number posted) has a fuel cut-off solenoid on the carb check for power to it with the key in the run position, If power is present it should click when the key is turned on and off.

    On the mule, Does it shut down as soon as the cover is put back on ? Have you tried a new air filter ? I've seen filters that looked ok but were restricted.

    The engine model and spec numbers may be helpful on this one as well.....
  3. MCSSPimpin

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    The fuel shut-off solenoid is fine, engine is a Kohler ch23s 76553. Any other ideas?

    The mule does shut off when the air box cover is replaced, even when running. The air filter is almost brand new. It's a 2009 mule 610 4wd.
    This mule was purchased new by my place of work (I do a lot of the basic equipment maintenance there). It probably had less than 15 hours on it when someone put mixed gas in it (weedeater gas/oil mix). It never ran correctly after that, it will start, but shuts off whenever the gas pedal is applied. I drained the gas out, cleaned out the carb, and replaced the fuel filter and spark plugs.

    Thanks a lot
  4. Restrorob

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    On the Kohler, If you have fuel in the bowl and the cut-off solenoid is working and the main jet is fully open it should continue running. You can check for intake leaks by priming with gas as mentioned then while running spray carb & choke cleaner around the intake manifold gaskets.

    On the Mule, Just for giggles remove the air filter then put the cover back on while running. Model AND spec numbers off the ENGINE would be helpful.....
  5. VegetiveSteam

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    On the 23 Kohler are you getting fuel to the carb? Gravity feed some fuel from an auxilliary source and see if it will start.
  6. MCSSPimpin

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    I'm not able to get the any serial numbers or anything on the mule right now (its temporarily at a different location). It has a 4 stroke OHV fan cooled single cylinder engine (2009 6010 4wd mule).

    On the Kohler ch23s John Deere, I haven't yet had a chance to try spraying with the carb cleaner to check for intake leaks, will soon. In response to the latest post, I have checked the fuel pump and hoses going to the carb, seems to work fine. Fuel pours out if I disconnect the hose from the carb. I did clean the carb too, so hopefully the jet is clear.

    Thanks for the responses!

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