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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DixieChopper88, Aug 27, 2007.

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    Hi i currently have a dixie chopper, like the mower, but the customer service at the dealership isn't the best. I've had to replace the wheel motor, but it took like four trips to get that fixed. And now i've had to go three times to get the very same leak fixed on one of my tubes leading to the wheel motor. I have a scag dealer and a hustler dealer located just down the road from my house and one around 25 miles away with just scags. I told the one down the road the better prices i was getting at the other shop and he dropped the prices right away. I was looking at a 61" wildcat 26hp for around 7900 or a demo unit which has only 20hrs. for around 7400. I also looked at a 61" 29hp liquid cooled turf tiger and it was around 9400. My warranty is running out in a little awhile what should i do?
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    I think you know the answer to this one . It is just making up your mind which machine you want. I'd trade the Dixie Chopper for the best deal I could get.


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    Dump it like the dog it is. Most guys around here that bought Dixie have had nothing but trouble with and from the dealer. This mower is not very popular around here . A good number of business run John Deere and Scag.

    One of the guys has had the very same trouble , pulse he goes through belts all the time.................But has no money to get rid of his problem....The other guy bought one for $ 6,200 and he wants only $ 4,200 for it , it has only 75 hours on it , He can't even give it a way. He bout it thinking it would be productive , but its not doesn't't even use it any more.

    Check out the local Deere dealer, when serious stuff comes up I let the Deere dealer take care of things like this. But the routine maintaining i do on my own instead of off the wall service centers it has been running good and just cutting along at good pace.:dizzy:
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    Turf Tiger: 16 cc dual hydro pumps, double tube frame, hydrolic oil cooler, 250 ft/lb clutch, kevlar belts, drive shaft driven.....................built like a tank and 29 hp water cooled. Man, I would slap my mamma for a cutter like that. I would take a hard look at the Tiger over the Wildcat for only $1500 more. Good luck.
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    Guys thanks for the post, i will probably wait to sell my mower at the first of the upcoming year. I will though go with the 29Hp turf tiger. Thanks for the help
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    imo , the turf tiger is by far the best option - the only qualifier is checking on the service level of the dealer . My Scag dealer will bend over backwards to repair a unit while you wait - dependable service should be factored into your decision . As much as I prefer Scags , dealer support trumps brand with me.
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    never have ran a dixie i liked. see what they will give you for trade. if not enough then sell it to a rich homeowner.

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