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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by newbie505, Jan 4, 2012.

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    I had a new lawn put it on a flat 1 acre lot, not very successful. I got all crab grass, thick,fat blade and fast growing. and now it completely brown and dying. What should I do this spring? anything to do now or wait till march/april?
    roundup and reapply?
    reseed without killing crabgrass?
    any idea about ballpark cost to fix this problem, I paid 1300 for him to apply seed and straw, the straw was gone in less than 2 days and think it took all the grass seed as well.
    any help would be GREATLY appreciated.*trucewhiteflag*
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    You have an acre of desired lawn which is a lot of risk to take with overseeding and 'Dormant ' seeding, but if it were me, I would go out there right now and spread good seed onto the area in question...

    You said you were in IL and we've had a warm dry winter so far... Is the ground frozen yet, and is the CG completely dead yet?

    BTW, your best time to have done this would've been mid to late August... If you fail this Spring prep for a complete renovation, next Aug...
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    It is a common problem for a summer seeding to come up with heavy weeds and crabgrass. Don't be discouraged. Some of the foreign grass could be from the straw--maybe its wheat. You need an expert opinion to diagnose this. If wheat, no problem, it will not reappear in spring. However...crabgrass reseeds itself...if that is the problem be sure to have crabgrass control applied this spring about the time your grass greens up. Fertilize regularly (a bit more often than usual to build thickness). Keep watering regularly. If you have bare spots larger than 3 inches in diameter, these should be reseeded. Late August is best. Winter is fine, but you cannot apply crabgrass control until your new grass has been mowed twice. New grass will arise very slowly when the soil is cold in spring.
    If your landscaper will stand behind his work--let him fix it. If not, get a new guy; the smaller high-experience companies will do the best. Do not expect much sympathy, if you did not water regularly when the new seed was put in.
    And yes the best date to seed in your area would be late August--few weeds are a problem in the fall.

    Avoid cheap seed---stay with the good stuff. Broadleaf weeds can usually be controlled by spraying when they arise.
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    You need to have a fertilizer with a pre-emergent mixed in or just use a pre-emergent properly during the spring to summer months. This way new airborn seeds and seeds in the soil will not germinate. This is how you get crabgrass in the first place. As a part of your lawn care routine during the year you must include either pre or post emergents so you can get a grip on weeds.
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    Unless he's got enough grass to pretend a lawn, I wouldn't worry about the CG until there is sufficient grass cover. Once you put down Pre-m you are done seeding the lawn with anything...

    If it is a lot of bare ground and you're pre-mming it just to keep the ground bare till August, one might consider a quick seeding of AR, b4 the pre-m or just add ammendment and till for a couple of months... :)

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