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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LawnPro in NC, Oct 8, 2002.

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    I had a fellow I used to work on another job with to call me and and ask me to do a commercial prop for him b/c his mower was broken. He said he would call me to find out what he owed me. this was several weeks ago and I haven't heard from him. I saw him today and I know he saw me ( i passed right in front of him at a stop light and you can hardly miss the rig) It's not the money It took me about 1 hr to get it looking GOOD. it was about 10 miles off my route. I was not planning on charging him at all ( never know when you might need a favor) it the principle of the thing.

    Well what I tought was I would sprinkle a couple bags of 46-0-0 and then ride over while he's cutting Probally every other day and stop and talk and maybe he;ll ask what he owes for the cut. Then I could just say "Ahh,don't worry about it".

    He does this prop as needed for a discount on his rent. And with a lawn tractor at that.
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    Sounds somewhat familiar...

    Another lawn guy I was getting to know pretty well asked me if I would cut a couple of lawns for him so he could go out of town. One needed cutting and the other didn't. When I spoke with him over the phone he said he'd give me the money ($50) when we met up. I told him not to worry about the money and that if I needed his help in the future we'd be even. Well... I called him twice (leaving messages) asking if he could help me out on two separate occasions and I never heard from him. Still haven't!

    You try to be nice and more times than not you get the sh*t-end of the stick.

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