What to do when it rains a ton after you pull pipe

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by grassman177, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. muddywater

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    I wouldn't give up on it so quick. I have only pulled a few jobs so far, and when we switch to poly, we really cut the time down. And my guys haven't started pulling multiple pipes yet.

    When I pulled pvc, it took longer than trenching pvc. When I used poly it took the same amount of time as trenching on the first job. So I think it will get much faster. I think we will really start to cut the time down when we get a little more experience under our belt.

    And look into these, I will never use another chinese grip.

  2. Mdirrigation

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    Once you get good with your machine , you will be able to put in 1500 to 2000 feet of pvc in 3 to 4 hours . I pull the pipe , my helper is installing heads , generally by noon the pipe is in , helper has 12 to 15 heads in , after lunch i do valve manifolds . And helper is still on heads . He was a poly guy at his old job and he loves the speed and ease of pvc . PVC means no pipe to unroll , or twist or streach .
  3. muddywater

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    Well you still have to glue the pipe together, and the poly seems to pull easier in clay. I don't like the pvc bc it seems to get in a bind at valve connection and the angles have to be right whereas poly is alot more forgiving. I had problems getting the angle just right at the valve box and cutting in Ts and getting those angle just right.
  4. Mdirrigation

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    Pvc is actually smoother than poly , it should be easier , Sounds like your bullett on your blade is too small . If you are pulling straight to or from a valve box try pulling along side the valve box and use 90's , quick neat and simple , it gives pleanty of room for adjustment. cutting in a tee and installing a head takes about 2 minutes after the hole is dug if you cut right and glue and snap have the head and funny pipe cut and all put together in 1 shot . I am 50 and my helper is 49 , I work as smart as I can . I used poly in the past , I wont ever go back . Gluing pipe , lay 3 bundles of 200 feet end to end and glue up sections of 60 feet in 10 minutes , add pipe to runs as necessary .
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    Don't over think it if you are used to pushing and pulling just add the use of a spade to push the pipe back and forth between holes with one guy on one end and another at the glue end. Use the back side of the spade jabbing it in the ground at a slight angle to allow you to push it towards the hole with the glued fitting on it. *Always do the end head last of course. A lot easier than beating up your foot all day....
  6. muddywater

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    You dont use saddle ts or blazing saddles?
  7. AI Inc

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    once ya get used to it , pulling a 6 zone system takes about 45 min to an hr.
  8. lawns Etc

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    As long as your bullet is larger than the pipe it should still push and pull fairly easy. We dig 18" square blocks of soil out to put in the fittings and its usually pretty easy to push and pull into the fittings.
  9. Mdirrigation

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    Nope , regular threaded tees , cut glue and snap right in . saddle tees or blazing saddles arent worth the money , a pvc tee cost me less than 20 cents. Saddle tees require you to drill , the battries are always dead and then you have to flush the pipe cause the shavings are a pia.
  10. muddywater

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    you sure about the cost of a threaded 1" T? I think I pay closer to 70 cents and a saddle is about $1. I have been doing a cost anlysis between pvc and poly... so I "think" that number is right.

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