WHAT TO DO WHEN The analysis found on each bag is wrong

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. ant

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    what to do when one finds out after the product was applicated The analysis found on bag was wrong?
    i bought and applyed the product last yr. (20 %n) and the state took samples and found out that it was 4% difference.(16%n)
  2. quiet

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    Change suppliers.
  3. green_mark

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    In this case the state should be issuing the supplier a notice of deficiency and you are entitled to a refund of the deficient material.

    Example: You purchased a 20%N product and got 16%. That is 20% loss in N. Based on that ingredient you should receive a 20% rebate on that nutrient.

    Many states use a more complex formula. Say the product's label guaranteed a minimum of 20-1-6. The product tested came in at 16-2-8. They add all these numbers together and get 27 for the label and 26 on the sample. The state generally permits a small variance of ~5%. So this label would be accurate and while the N level was low the others exceeded the label minimum guarantee.

    Result no rebate, no foul. Sometimes when blending granular products these things occur and it may have only been that one single back or that part where the sample was taken. Causes can be settling in the bag, tail end of blended batch, first bag off the line, etc..

    If all numbers are short you can and do have the right to ask your supplier for a rebate based on the price you paid for the bag times the percent deficiency.
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    many labels will have a disclaimer...in very small print...that the labeled analysis is vunerable to a margin of error of a certain percentage

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