What to do with front lawn?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sandrat, Dec 1, 2005.

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    I have a commercial account that i mowed this year. Fertilizing was done by Liqui-green. They just told me they want me to provide full service next year. Total acreage is 5.5, but the area in front of their main office is big problem. It's about 2.5 acres. Lots of bare spots....some 4' X 4'.....some good grass and some thin areas. Some thatchy areas. Not a lot of weeds, but a few. If I had know sooner, i would have done a fall aeration and overseed, but it's too late now. So.....my question is.....do I fertilize in early march with crabgrass preventer and then aerate and overseed in early april, or do I aerate and overseed first.........I want some help from mother nature on the watering, so that's why I am thinking about seeding first. No good way to set up sprinklers and I am 20 miles from the site, so it would be hard to do it all myself if we had a dry spring........can't expect any help from them on the watering.
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    Can't you just wait until next fall? Just kidding...If you're going to seed in the Spring, skip the pre-em and seed as early as possible to give the grass as much time as possible to get established before it hits any type of stress, whether it be heat, drought, etc...I'm not big fan of over-seeding either, and would slit seed for best results...
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    Yes slit seed, starter fertilizer, and water,water. Get a good seed mix that is disease resistant for your areas problems. Don't get cheap seed.

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