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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by shovelracer, May 1, 2011.

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    We have an upcoming project where there will be a 10x10 octagon gazebo at the corner of a 28x22patio. The patio will have pathlights around the perimeter in the garden. We havent moved up to any architectural lighting at this point. I was thinking of getting a LV Kitchler chandelier on a switch in there. What else can we do with this thing for selectable LV interior lighting. All ideas helpful.
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    Picture of the gazebo would be helpful.
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    It really depends on how the client is going to use the space? How did you decide on the chandelier? Will they be sitting or dining in this area? Is there outdoor furniture?
    Here is a picture of an outdoor area that I completed. A lot of questions were asked before I proceeded with the design. It was decided that they would be socializing but they wanted the table to be illuminated with a higher amount of light so that they could place their cocktails safely. The fireplace was a feature they wanted to highlight but with a soft elegant amount of light.
    Hope this helps you a little.


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  4. David Gretzmier

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    we typically will uplight a gazebo at the inside and outside at every support post with a surface mount and extended shroud.
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    Shoot me a pm if you want some help on your project. A bunch of pathlights around a 600sqft patio make me wonder how dark the center of the patio is going to be.
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    There are many different ways to effectively light both the inside and outside of a Gazebo. It will all come down to structure and use.

    I often will use up/down fixtures mounted to each or every other post around the perimeter. This generally provides for ample, glare free interior light. If the interior is really large you may want to provide some ambient / fill with a hanging fixture or with downlighting from the upper tier of the gazebo ceiling. Put the different types of lighting on separate controls to allow the occupants some control.

    If privacy is desired, then you can create light screens by downlighting from directly over the screen or windows, using the screen/window to reflect the relative high intensity of light thereby making it difficult to see in or out of the space (good for hot tubs where the client want privacy after hours)

    There are many other techniques too... some photos of both the interior and exterior would help a lot.

    Best of luck.

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