What to do with Horse Manure

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by firecatf7333, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. firecatf7333

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    I know a guy who wants to hire me to load/ truck his horse manure b/c it's taking up space at his house. I'd say the pile is approx 6-10 10 wheeler loads. Any idea if i could or who i could sell this too? no sense in wasting it if i can get some money from it?

  2. LandFakers

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    Im no manure expert but i would say that a plant nursery or farm may take them for fertilization, you just have to ask around
  3. clydebusa

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    Where are you located at?
  4. bobcat_ron

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    Sell it to a mushroom farm. They love it.
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  5. stihljixxer

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    Just be careful in many areas you need a manure dealers license to handle large amounts of it. Even to haul it. Just a looking out tip.
  6. Smallaxe

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    The best thing to do is spread it on a pasture somewhere... a corn field or have it plowed under at a nursery...
    Of course one of the best things for city folk to do is turn it into compost and spread it on turf...

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