What to do with left over stump grindings

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Lawns2nv, Nov 17, 2001.

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    Hey guys, Jus wanted to know, what guys to with your left over stump grindings after your all done grinding ? Before i started working for myself i worked for a tree co., and we jus left a huge pile of grindings on the customers property. I know its good mulch, but lotta ppl complain that they dont need a large pile of stump mulch cuz they are goona re-plant or jus plant grass. I mean we take down some huge oak & elm trees, i really dont wanna shovel all that mulch into the back of my pick up. if the customer wants it gone whats a good price to remove th stump mulch ? Or should i jus charge it into the price of the stump or tree removel?
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    give then 2 prices from the get go.....1 for stump....2 for stump and removal of grindings, with the replacement of soil and seed. 9 otta 10 times they go for #1 cause its the cheapest, if they go for #2 make sure you price it to make a good return.. I use to run a Vermeer 630, but got rid of it(not enough stumps to keep the machine busy)
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    what grows decomposes
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    I would try and get the whole deal out of them...clean up and soil and seed.

    Find a nursery to get rid of the "mulch" . We let a guy dump all his grindings and use them to "hill" in our trees that are waiting to be sold.

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