what to do with winters off?


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I get a REAL job during the winter laying flooring.


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Northern NJ
I know a guy in the Biz that delivers oil in the winter for a heating company. He is in the union, so as long as he pays his dues all year he gets benefits for his family. He also said it pays between $17 and $20 per hour.


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Flint, Michigan
The idea is to be able to do all the things you CAN'T do during the summer. Snowmobiling is always a favorite pastime around these parts. Up here, the sites are BEAUTIFUL. Up north, we can ride all day and never see the same place. I DO work during the winter, too. I just quit my job of 5 years to find something else for a change. I don't care, I'll go work at Home Depot or something for the winter. It usually goes by pretty quick anyway, I figure by keeping busy with bids, school, and such, we'll be back to work in 3 to 4 months.


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I do all the jobs around the house that I've been putting off all summer. Oh yea, I gain about 10 pounds.


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Long Lake, MN
the weight gain for me has been about 20 lbs per winter however i do quickly lose it come spring, my only fear is as i get into my mid 30's it will be harder to drop in spring. i do snowmobile and ice fish as much as possible but for the same reasons we dont plow anymore i also have been unable to do much of these activities either. the home depot thing has crossed my mind a few times but i've concluded that it would be very hard to work for the same wages i pay my own guys in the summer. i dont mind working for someone else but i would need to make at least 20+ per hour or it just seems like it would be not worth it. also i have a thing about making less than my wife go figure.


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Ontario, Canada
We drywall,lay flooring,build playground equipment,renovate houses,shingle rooves,clean houses, shampoo carpets, clean basements, bodywork on vehicles, cut trees, load hay for Florida, and almost anything else our customers ask us to do. We also custom build our equipment for our business. This year we are getting a cube van and are converting it to a flatbed.


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I had been helping my friend lay carpet and wood flooring, but i stay bust untill mid Jan so im going to take it easy now. Just turned 51 the 28th of November. OH and Chris Hendrix and Zepplin are the two best in Rock.