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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2menandamower, Mar 14, 2006.

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    I had a guy call me last year in June and ask me to come and give him an estimate on his lawn. Well I did and he liked it and I worked for him all summer and did his mulch and fall clean up etc. He was a really great guy and seemed to be very happy with the service that I provided him. I sent him a letter telling him that we would be starting regular services April 1 and to call if he needed anything prior to then. I also offered him fert and weed control at a discounted price (but not that much). I never heard from him so I called and left him a message. I still never heard anything from him so I was getting worried that something had happened to him so I called again and he told me "I have been meaning to call you but I just haven't yet. I have a frined that is going to be cutting yards this year and well HE REALLY NEEDS THE BUSINESS". I mean what the heck does he think about me???? I need the business too. It just pisses me off. OK now the question is if he calls me in the middle of the summer and says that his guy just ain't working out do I take him back on or just tell him that I am too busy? I hate to do that but it just pisses me off to think that I worked my butt off last year for him and now he "has a friend that needs the business".I am only part time right now but I can't quit my job and have this kind of do me and dump me customer right??? Thanks for letting me vent.

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    This kind of thing happens.Get used to it and don't take it personaly..If you need the biz..take him back with a contract only.
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    Yea I know this happens and I have not really taken it personally but it just sucks to have it happen to me. I am sure that if he calls I will be right back over there and take him back but you are right it will be with a contract in hand. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

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    hmmmm scott--lets' see...you commented to me in another thread about working cheap.

    and now you inform us you worked your hiney off for this man and got the can over a guy that is starting up a business and my money says he'll be cheaper as well.

    so whaddaya think scott? was it really worth all you put into it with this guy?

    and if you say yes, you sure don't sound very proud about it.

    GEO :confused:

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