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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by crab, Jan 25, 2007.

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    OK i am finally ready to start a thread ,here goes it.I just landed a big job.It includes,stone wall around the new swimming pool,4 field stone patios,custom outside shower [my design on everything,except the pool&patio around it] and tennis viewing area [fridge,TV,bar,with stone foundation]at the tennis court we built few years ago,And complete redesign of all the gardens around the house.this is all fine [and i have this job]but my clients have added the facing of the fitness room at the pool to the list of things to do,problem being.the building contractor is looking to sub this out to someone other than me[IE the person he can make the most money from]the architect wants me to do all phases of the stone work ,even those he has nothing to do with so they all match.problem is i don't have the the guys to do the facing on the pool building,i referred my brother to do another job, and now I'm not sure how to keep quality control in line ,i don't want to let some hacker do the facing,but its the one part of the job that it seems i might not have control over,sorry to go on suggestions!thanks
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    Hey Crab, sounds like an exciting job! Are you able to wait on just the facing til your brother is available? Perhaps ask the clients , arch. to inspect other face work done by the sub the contractor picks? If they're not happy with the sample job then you've got more leverage to suggest they wait til your brother is available. If nothing else let the clients know subbing this out may effect the end result. How about asking your stone supplier if they recommend anyone to you , you inspect their work and maybe supervise them on your job? For a fee of course.
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    thanks,i think i was just freaking out,but thats good advice.Talked to the builder today,don't know how it will go, but i feel better just touching base with them.As far as the stone guy, he is in Maine and I'm in mass sooo not really an option,also i know just how it should look so I'm a little hesitant to give it to someone i don't know.But on the plus side talked to one of my best friends[also a wet work master ]and he said he would help me no matter what,so i think this will work out fine.i really appreciate the input, peace out.

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