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    Just wanted to through this out to you on the site..There is another lawn mowing co. in the same retirement community that i have customers .My problem is this,while doing an estimate the previous customer said he is going to cancel the service.As a owner operator of my co.I always try to find out the reason the customer wants to quit..I feel this will only make me a better professional lco..Well,that being said,the customer said he is going with the say other company..He loved the job i did but the other company was 6.00 less per app..said if it does't work out,he'll be back next yr..HERE is my dilema..the other company is not licensed,checked with the Dept. ofAg..SO with that said,this company can go around the development Im also in and undercut me easily,not paying for ins,etc..HOW DO YOU RESOLVE THIS? p.s. also talked to this co.at a seminar this winter and he said he does not fert...Thanks
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    Sadly there's not much you can do... you can report him.. won't do any good. You can tell the customer... never a good thing.. you can approach the competition.. might help, but be careful not to inadvertantly educate him.

    bottom line.. the customer is gone. You're not getting him back until he gets sick of the new guy.. and when he does come back... stick him with a price increase :)
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    It is really quite simple. You get a mailing list, and you mail out a nice letter to everyone stating that there is a nw lawn care service that is coming in and offering lower prices but at what expenses....This service is NOT registered and licensed with the state as required by law. Therefore, many of the practices of the pesticides used could very well put the residents in harms way. Furthermore, if this company is unlicensed, any insurance coverage they may or may not have would be null and void. therefore, any damage occuring to their properties by this uneducated, unlicensed company will fall only on the customer. We pride ourselves in being an experienced, fully licensed company. As the cost of operating a business like this does require certain costs, our prices reflect only that of a legitimate operation hat covers all costs, including the proper licensing, insurances, and taxes. If any one has any questions about our state licensing qualifications, our license number is #xxxxxxxxxx and any other varifications can be made through the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.
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    Awesome response Joe... looks like you may experienced this a time or ten before? Not a lot I can add to this, seems all bases are covered. Of course you could also make a call to the state licensing authority letting them know where to find the other guy if/when you see him out there doing it.
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    I don't mess around with these kind of guys anymore. I'm all done. I find them, I give them what's coming to them. I have gained a good raport with our area inspectors, and sort of on a friendly basis. these guys seem to want to even go out of their way for me anymore, and are always eager to take notes when they get wind of someone trying to pull this kind of nonsense. Like I say,..the games are all done - I'm tired of it. I've worked too hard to get where I'm at, and pay too much money and work to stay where I'm at. I'm not going to just sit back and watch happen to the lawn care business what happened to the mowing and maintenance business.:angry:
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    Our d.o.a. will not activate our licence until they recieve proof of fianancial security and all fees are paid . They can be a bit slow about updating lists or the ins. co. may not mail em a proof of ins. form . Not to mention , some companys drop thier ins. in the off season .If you have any doubt, if they are not legit, pick up the phone.2 years ago we got turned in by a couple people ,but we were legit .
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    Take a look at his yellow pages ad--does he advertise weed spraying--then he needs his license. There will always be someone cheaper.

    But a more subtle approach might work better. On your own ads and sales promotion material and on your bills and paperwork. Stress in writing how you are licensed, certified and provide the license and cert numbers, and same for insurance. In fact, you could show prospects the same during your sales pitch. And you could post your license and certification in the back window of your truck as if it was required to be there (maybe it is). And mention in your sales pitch how it is much safer to deal with a company that has proper insurance, and more experience and education. And mention an example of the terrible thangs that can happen if not insured.
    And do a better job than your competition. And return your phone calls quicker.
    Unfortunately, Lesco will probably sell to him even if unlicensed, but let them know, too. If he causes a problem or kills a lawn, Lesco might be on the hook, too.
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    I think that you have to assume a lot to send a letter like that.. It did take a long time for my license to post on the web site. not only that, but you could send a letter like that out ever other week and it would still be pertinant... These ass holes are just part of the business, and they're too common to do anything about.. Maybe the customer thinks that you're referring to their mower guy.. who they really like. No good can come of this. I guess it'll make you feel better... but you ould always go punch the guy out... same effect, and it might even be cheaper :)

    All you can do is tell your local inspector.. but I wouldn't hold my breath.. mine is too busy to care... 1 person. 9 counties. they're not going to perform a stake-out.
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    I couldn't agree more.
    My company pays a ton in licenses, insurances - both commercial and workers comp - and it pisses me off to see other unlicensed lco's dragging our industry down by short cutting or ignoring the appropriate state laws.:nono:
    In fact today I went by a residence where I had previously submitted an estimate for a complete install - irrigation, turf, plants.
    I saw a completely illegal group of scrubs trenching and there was no irrigation permit posted as required.
    So I contacted the inspectors whom I know and have a very good rapport with and they are on their way out there to determine exactly what is going on.:waving:
    The way I feel is that if our industry won't police itself we have nothing to complain about when scrubs are damaging our hard earned reputations.
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    There's a big difference between a building permit and a chemical applicator license.. Someone putting in irrigation will be there for more than 10 minutes to start with.. and the people who enforce building or irrigation permits are based in the city.

    I agree.. If I were a builder, I would report ppl w/o building permits.. but it's totally pointless to report illeagle applicators.. I've done it before.. multiple times. The same people are still practicing the same way. all I can hope for is that they mess up a pramitol app, and endup bankrupt and in jail.

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