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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Aug 12, 2001.

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    Hey people, I have a bunch of yards that are dried out this time of year and now the weeds are growing through everthing and sticking up in the yard when everthing else is dead. So i never know if i should cut or not how do u make that judgment to if the weeds are tall and the grass is still the same height . As long as its not burned i would think u guys cut it but i hate to overcut the yards. And also in mulch and rock beds do u bother to trim all there weeds for them becase all of my yards mulch beds are full of weeds and it takes time to trim them. Is it my job to trim them?
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    Raise the deck to just nip the top of the grass blade...

    Did you tell the customer you would take care of the beds? That's your answer...

    I will nip some of the weeds in the beds that are along the edge with the weedeater...
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    i did one lawn yesterday which i last year had to do at least 2x per week. i went there yesterday, did a lap around the front, did the whole back real quick, the side, and a small piece right in front, blew the drive and walk and left. if the lawn has a lot of weeds then cut it. but otherwise i would let it go. if you cut it when the leaves are all dried out you are doing more bad than good. as for the mulch beds... those should either be done by hand, or with a spray. dont trim them.
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    Heres an idea for you. If the lawns are not growing and you want to make some extra money, then offer to remove the weeds from the beds. You could charge by the hour or bid the whole job.:D

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