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  1. TimmayB4

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    I posted about a job the other day and was told 600 would be a fair price of the job. The customer told me if I gave him a good pric that I could to his lawn weekly. So I told him I would do it for 450 if he would let me have the lawn, He said yea sounds great.

    Called back yesterday with been thinkin and thats to much I told him I would do I a 45 per man hr w/ 2 guys. I told him that I gave him a good deal so to call around and let me know.

    he called and left a voicemail saying I found I guy who will do it a 25 a man hr and did not give a full estimate. He said if you will do it for that I will let you.(Yea I bet you Will) I don't think the guy came out and looked at it and think the guy told him all he wanted done was some trimming which is bullsh**

    I think I going to tell him I will be glad to match a price if he can get a written est. What do yall think I should do, I hate beeing pushed around like that.
  2. Focal Point Landscapes

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    I would walk - the guy is going to nickle and dime you on everything you do for him and pricing per man hour is never a good idea , imo. The next thing this guy will do is debate whether you are working fast enough for that hourly rate ....
  3. lurch

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    run far far away
  4. Grits

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    You'll have that sometimes. Move on and find other work.
  5. fiveoboy01

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    So what I get from this is you voluntarily called him and told him that 450 was too much, and that you would do it hourly instead?

    If so, that was your first mistake. Now he's circling like a shark in blood-infested water, knowing that you're a limp noodle on your pricing.

    Name your price, and STICK to it. If he claims that he can get it done for so much cheaper, then why is he even offering you the job anymore? Simple. He's likely lying, and is just trying to push your buttons.

    Tell him you'll do it for X amount of dollars and if he balks, thank him for his time and move on.
  6. topsites

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    Sorry, I'm not accepting offers at this time.

    Never offer to them to call around, like was said, come up with a price and stick to it.
    Hand it to them with a straight face, here it is, and right then and there yes or no.
    Fair price, my price, your price: $600.
    baloney price, their price, his price, her price, horse price: $600.
    Take it or leave it, please, and thank you.

    Other notes: "We will call and let you know" means no, that is the customer's way of saying no, thank you.
    Don't fight this, just say thank you, so you lost a bid, big deal, happens all the time.
  7. TimmayB4

    TimmayB4 LawnSite Member
    from OB,MS
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    No I said he called ME and said that it was too high. i never called him back. I told him the first time I would do it hourly and he said that he wanted a fixed price so I gave him 450.
  8. fiveoboy01

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    Ain't that the truth.

    I have NEVER had a customer who said "I have your number, I'll call you" EVER call me back and say that they would like me to do the work.

    Actually I take that back, there was ONE this spring who did call me back, about 3 weeks later. I Didn't question the delay, I just had him sign an agreement. So far he's been a very good customer and always pays right away.
  9. bohiaa

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    anyone can say anything..... I have had situwations like this, however when the customer says so and so said they would do it for XXX.....

    I always ask them did you get that in writing.........?

    he's trying to pull your chain
  10. Your Lawn First

    Your Lawn First LawnSite Member
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    WALK AWAY FAST . Tell him this is your price and unless he wants you to do it for the 450 sorry walk away

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