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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Dub's Shrubs, Jul 21, 2007.

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    I have a commercial property that is completely irrigated and they have had there property manager taking care of the system but they just let him go. Now they want me to do it but in the northeast (NH) there really isn't a lot for irrigation so I never got in to it now I am wondering if any one can tell me about any good books or websites that can help


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    We can help no question about that. You have contacted the most brilliant irrigation minds our galaxy and maybe all galaxies have come to know. My suggestion is to break it down to pieces. The brains of your system is the controller/timer/clock. Do you know where, what brand including model number, and how many their are? Do you have a schematic of the property? If so I would suggest documenting on the schematic where the individual zones are and problems that are obvious to you. Also you need to know where your emergency irrigation cutoff is located. In the beginning you are going to have to do a lot of walking and documenting. I believe Purp or somebody has all the urls for studying irrigation technology. If it is a large property you might want to consider remote technology and that is right up my alley.

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    A LOT of good URLs are in the "sticky thread" at the top of this forum.

    As Peter has already suggested the two most valuable tools you will have will be (1) a zone map showing the general area where zones are located by controller and (2) a remote for your controller(s). These will be invaluable as you go about learning the overall system and will save you time in the future. Once you have things mapped out you can then start adding backflow device(s), isolation valves, main line routing and valve locations as you go. It does not need to be to scale but just a schematic as to where things are and how they're related to each other.
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    thanks guys that gives me somewere to strt i'll be in contact thanks again
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    I agree with Fimco-Meister. Go to Jess Strykers irrigation tutorials website.

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