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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HB Lawn, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. HB Lawn

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    I need your help in this matter. In this one comm., (750 homes), there has been about 5 legal Lawn Service Companies over, including myself. Then there is this one guy, with his 3 helpers, his 3 21" Comm. Push mowers and one garden tractor. This guy has no license, no insurance, collects cash only and pays his guys all under the table. He's going around and under bidding everyone by 15/20%. What should happen?

    HB Lawn
  2. topsites

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    I don't mean this in a bad way but what I always say, Mind your own business.
  3. tras

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    I agree with topsites, although you disagree with what he's doing, its his choice and he can do what he wants. Maybe he'll get caught one day.
  4. hackitdown

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    I agree with topsites, too. Not much you can do.

    However, you could emphasize to your customers and prospects that you have insurance and license. Try to plant that seed in their head when you speak to them, which may increase the chance that they ask the guy if he is legal.
  5. Pietro

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    Spend a few bucks on lawn signs....advertise in the area, see if your clients will let you put your signs on their lawns......make sure they say fully licensed and insured....blah....that might get u more business.
  6. grass-scapes

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    No one is EVER "fully insured".

    Licensed and Insured is much better.
  7. Dynamic

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    I disagree with all of the above, because it happens everywhere, all the time, in every profession and it hurts everybody who doesn't take a stand and always wants to stand behind. Why should you and the others do it the right way and spend lots doing it that way and the other guy who is likely a fly by nighter reaps all the benefits of basically be a con artist. If you seen somebody stealing would you let him away with and then pay for the exact same thing? People have got to start taking a stand!!!
  8. PROCUT1

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    Realize he is no different than 90% of the other lawnboys you are competing against.
  9. cantoo

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    I talked to a guy yesterday. He "retired" on paper at 55 years old. He is now 63 years old, 4 "empolyees", skid steer, does landscaping 6 days a week all summer and employees run his 3 plow trucks all winter. He will only work for cash, he pays emlpoyees in cash, only buys used equipment for cash or new small stuff with cash. He said he got tired of other guys with no insurance comp etc so he just stopped and started a cash only business. He is buying something off my company and needs a bank note saying he has the money. He has 185g's in the bank but we need a letter for 100g more. He can't get a loan because he has no income other than early pension. He says he can give it to us in cash but of course we can't do that. I was getting kind of pissed talking to him. He says paying his guys cash is a great way to keep them. As soon as they get the cash it's gone, they can't get ahead because they don't have any credit to buy a house, equipment or anything else. He also scraps cars and trucks to keep the guys busy in the winter. And I gotta have 2 jobs to make a go of it.
  10. JB1

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    That will work like that until_______________________ an employee gets pissed, its just like throwing a dice in a casino sooner or later you crap out.

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