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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Feb 28, 2002.

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    I have about 12 steady accounts at the time not far from where i live(walking distance). I am wondering if I should get a trailer for this year a get a few more clients or if I should just stay the size I am right now. IF i get a trailer I would feel like I would have to get a few more customers and that might take alot of time away. But if my mower breaks down I have a way to get it to the shop with out a delivery charge and i can do a relitives lawn with the commercial mower instead of the push mower and that would save me some time. What do you guys think? Do you think I should just get a cheap trailer and only use it a few times a year or invest some money into a good trailer or just not get one at all?
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    If you can keep your customers all within a mile of your home you will be my hero and you will be very profitable. My opinion is to keep money aside for the trailer until it is necessary. In the meantime saturate your area with more flyers and advertising. The more concentrated the route the more profitable it will be. Then as you add a dozen more customers reconsider the trailer and/or upgrade your equipment if needed.

    It sounds like you have a great start.
  3. Ted, your dad going to let you use that new Anvoy?

    You can get a trailer and use it to haul mulch and other items as well as your mower.

    Plus you can save some of that walking time/riding your new Velke to your customers houses.

    Give me a ring, I think I can find you a good 10' to 12' single axle trailer.
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    getting a trailer early is great, i learned that myself, get it early and fix it up perfectly. i would invest in a good one, or get a old one and fix it up, ur choice

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