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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by golfwaymore, Nov 29, 2009.

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    I am 40 y/o and my family and I are relocating to South Florida. I do not yet have a job there and wont be looking until January or so. My father-in-law has some pretty-much new commercial mowing equipment than I can take with me [he just retired]. I dont have to have an immediate full time job so I would have a little time to try to build a business...

    My concerns [after reading 1000's of posts here] are:

    1. Too much competition. Construction has busted in South Florida. Everyone and their brother is trying to cut grass.

    2. Competition that isnt smart. I know this sounds awful, but it's true. I would rather have smart competitors, because dumb competitors dont know when they're losing money and will cut your throat. Some of the prices that I hear flying around down there right now dont sound very "smart".

    3. Differences in type of work vs. that of spouse. This may sound obscure, but I think it's legitimate. My spouse and I spend all of our non-work time together....I can take the intensely hot climate of South FL, but I'm concerned that with her working indoors through they days and me outdoors, by days end we'll be ready to head opposite directions!

    Any thoughts or comments?
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    I have been in the industry for over 25 years and I cannot think of a worse time than now to start a new lawn company in South Florida. I am not saying it can"t be done but very tough down here right now, for all the reasons you mentioned.
  3. golfwaymore

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    Appreciate the comment and yeah, that's what bothers me.

    With it as bad as it is, I've honestly thought it'd be lower risk, more money, and just generally easier on me to get a part time job or two rather than try to start up a lawn business.

    I like to work in the heat, but if it ain't payin'....
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    my thoughts, number 1and 2 is correct! ... way too many people cutting lawns now, people with cars and mini-vans towing trailers and mowing for hardly nothing..what a joke!

    number 3, .....this past summer was very hot and humid...when i got home from working all day, the last thing i wanted to do was go back outside, except for the deep end in my pool! my wife works in a.c. all day so she was not bothered by the heat by days end...me pool bound and nowhere else.

    good luck in your choice!

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