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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rjh4758, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. rjh4758

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    I just started up this year part time as I have a full time job that allowed me plenty of time to do this on the side. But unfortunately they are shutting the facility down and have offered me a relocation the Irvine, CA. I am going to accept the offer but it will no longer allow me to mow lawns on the side and spend time with family so I will be selling everything off.

    I will be here until the end of the year so I can finish out the season. But I want to know when is the best time to sell of since I will not be here in the early spring where it would be best and how to sell it. Should I sell it off as a business or individual pieces as I only have 10 accounts.

    Here is a list of what I have to go If you could also give me some values as well.

    '04 Hustler Super Z 52" 25HP Kawasaki 350 hours
    Eastman 21" commercial mower less than 25 hours
    Echo SRM-280S trimmer good condition
    Echo SRM-230 trimmer good condition
    Echo PE-230 nearly new
    Echo PB-500H nearly new
    Echo HC-150 good condition
    Shindaiwa T242
    12X6 single axle trailer with 3000lbs axle
    Misc: 1 3lbs spool of .095 gator line and 3/4 echo of 3lb spool .095 trimmer line, edger blades, gas cans, case of amsoil 2 cycle oil, amsoil grease 2 extra sets of mower blade for both mowers
  2. topsites

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    The best time to sell is late winter and early spring but look here,
    put the stuff on craigslist and in the for sale / wanted marketplace on LS
    and price it fair and the stuff should sell.

    By the way...
    I can almost guarantee pictures would help the sale factor 100%

    Because here's the thing, I see an ad on Craigslist today for a Toro mower
    listed in 'excellent' condition but guess what?
    The picture shows it to be in fair to good shape, now I could probably ignore as much but the price is too high.
    No sale, however I can appreciate the guy DID go through the trouble because no picture, I don't even bother.
    Put another way, I took a much closer look than if it had not had several pictures.
    So I would have to conclude it at least improves his chances.

    Take pictures, price it fair.
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  3. rjh4758

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    What I should have asked is it best to sell it now as a running business or what till the end of the season and sell it off as items? Any suggestions on price?

    Pictures would be a definate when selling online. But just looking for a ball park price on the equipment for now.
  4. rjh4758

    rjh4758 LawnSite Member
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    Enyone have an idea as to when it would be best to sell?
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  5. topsites

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    So you're getting out of the business?

    Reason I ask is you're probably going to take a hit on that equipment,
    like a car the dang things lose close to 30% of their value the
    instant they leave the dealership.

    And you can try and get more for it, can't fault anyone for trying
    and I'm not saying nobody would buy it either but the deciding
    factor would be whether it will sell...

    Anyhow there's one simple formula, seeing how most of the stuff is
    near brand new, just subtract 30% of what you paid for it.

    Hopefully some other folks chime in.
  6. ZTR_Diesel

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    Usually best to research what others are selling similar products for - and for now I'd concern myself with the "heavy hitters" the mowers, trailer, etc. Look at tractorhouse.com and other machine-realted websites.

    For your relocation, make VERY sure that the COLA adjustment moving from OK to Irvine, CA is going to allow you to live somewhat close to the level you are living now. It's LOTS more expensive out there. Check out Zillow.com and citydata.com for some hints on cost of living differances.
  7. MOturkey

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    I don't know how many accounts you have, but I'd try to sell it as a package deal for someone wanting to get into the business. Even with a modest number of accounts, it would sweeten the pie for someone purchasing the equipment.
  8. rjh4758

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    I have pondered over the cost of living between my 2 options, PA or CA. Cost of living in CA is only 14% more than PA and with the offer I am receiving it will almost cover it. If I remain here I will be lucky to find a job that pays half my current salary. My plan is to live in Corona or Riverside where cost of living is much more affordable.

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