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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. greenmonster304

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    I have a it of a problem. Last year I did an 2 wire install on a 3 acre property. The builder hired me to do the irrigation and he hired his girlfriend to do the landscaping. All during the instalation of the irrigation and landscaping I was seeing things that were not right (plants not installed correctly, poor soil prep after compaction from construction equipment). All the while I was making my concerns known to the builder and landscaper but know one listened.

    now the builder is gone and the landscaper has been fired and I am the only one left from the beginning. We have been having a bit of a drought lately and the place looks like sh!t. all the areas that the soil is compacted is browning because the water cant penetrate and it is so hot a dry it evaporates really fast.

    And the planting beds are swamps because its nothing but clay and the lawn is pitched to them.

    My problem is that the owner is looking for answers but I still work with the builder and landscaper on other projects and I am hesitant to throw them under the bus but maybe I should.
  2. Kiril

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    IMO .... no excuse for shitty work ... especially when it will cost significantly more to fix the damn problem then if they had just done it right to begin with.
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    Instead of naming names and pointing fingers, simply state that you have a list of things that need to be done to improve the conditions on site. And of course a price to do them or the name of a trusted landscape associate.

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    Bring in a consultant/third party and just explain that you have divided loyalties and a family to feed. I remember you bringing this job up and the sh$tty work being done months ago, maybe a year ago.
  5. Some Sprinkler Guy

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    I would just tell them the problems and let them know what needs to be done to fix it. Play dumb on the landscaping portion. Just because you saw them screwing up doesnt mean you gotta tell anyone. If you did not do it, its hardly your responsibility.
  6. Kiril

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    I am curious ... if these people do such crappy work, why would you want to be associated with them? It certainly can't be helping your reputation when landscapes that you have contributed to building fail? How you approach this is definitely difficult ... but if it were me, I would be giving some serious consideration on telling the builder he either needs to raise the bar or find a new irrigator.
  7. txgrassguy

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    I've been in this type of situation before and handled it in a way all were, if not happy, couldn't turn and point their collective fingers at me.
    I first let the builder know of a "potential" problem with their landscape installer - and the simple corrective steps needed.
    Long story short the builder failed to address the client's needs so I estimated the needed repairs at a cost the client and I could live with.
    At no time did I offer the idea I was in contact with the builder and when asked about my knowledge of the poor work all I said was I was hired for irrigation only - the builder made other arrangements for the grassing/planting.
    The client finally got a hold of the builder, whom denied all responsibility for the poor work, was sued by the client and I was "asked" to be deposed by both parties.
    I didn't take sides, I didn't offer an opinion, all I did was say for me to be deposed it would cost $500.00 for the first two hours then $375.00 per hour after that - and I was to be paid first or I wouldn't participate. Of course I was threatened but said call my attorney.
    Issue went to court, builder lost, I never had to testify and the builder still calls for install work. The only change is the builder pays me the full estimate prior to mobilization on the job and change orders with-in three days, then signs a waiver saying I am not involved in the remaining grounds work.
    So the builder knows I mean business, the client, or more importantly their attorney, wasn't able to get me to take sides, I'm still in business and the best part is my rep is one of being s stickler for details.
    Sucks but that is small business.
  8. DanaMac

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    Good story txgrassguy.

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